Dedicated to Fostering for Decades

Hiliary Anderson has been a Seattle Humane foster parent for more than 20 years, clocking in 178 pets fostered since we started keeping a digital record. Our foster team estimates Hiliary’s real total is somewhere in excess of 250 pets! She was most recently moved by the call for help when Seattle Humane pulled 14… Read more

Foster Spotlight: Tiffany Karam

Tiffany Karam started fostering with Seattle Humane in 2019. In that time, Tiffany and her family have fostered over 20 dogs and puppies! We’re recognizing Tiffany this month because we appreciate how patient, compassionate and dedicated she is as a foster parent. Tiffany reliably gravitates towards medium-large sized dogs looking for foster. Large adult dogs… Read more

Former Foster Cat Helps Foster Kittens

I’ve been volunteering with Seattle Humane for 10 years. Six years ago, I foster failed with a beautiful Siamese cat, Cuddles. Since adopting Cuddles, she has stepped up and helped me foster dozens of kittens. Kittens with no mommy get the benefit of a bath, warmth and learning all things “cat.” — EVELYN B.R.… Read more

“Fospice” Cats Leave Lasting Impression

I began fostering cats for Seattle Humane a little over seven years ago, and after I had fostered just a few, one of them was returned with kidney disease and he became my dear “fospice” (foster hospice) Fitz-kitty, a very gentle soul, who was with me most of the time until he died about a… Read more