New Pet Owners

If you’ve recently adopted a new pet, congratulations! Here’s what you need to know about giving them — and your family — a smooth transition to life in your home.

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Adoption tips

No matter where you get your pet, how you welcome them home is important. Here are some tips for success:

Pet proof your home

Your new furry friend will most likely want to explore every inch of her new environment. Keep them safe by moving poisons and hazards out of harm's way; secure low cabinets and remove items that may be chewed, and remove toxic houseplants and cleaning products. More tips on pet proofing

Introducing other pets

By planning ahead, your pets' first introduction can be a positive one. Because this transition is so important, try these tips and get your new and old family members off on the right paw:

Introducing cats (pdf)
Introducing dogs (pdf) More about introducing new pets

Get a license

King County residents are required to license their pets, but we do not issue them at Seattle Humane. Visit King County's website for more information. Pet licenses are also available directly from the City of Seattle and the City of Renton. Learn more about licensing

Go shopping

Stock up on essentials — but it's a good idea to wait to purchase items like toys and treats until you know more about your pet. Because every pet is different, you'll want to get to know their tastes and temperament before spending money on expensive beds, clothes, toys, and even food. Shop Amazon Smile

Caring for critters

If your new pet is a rabbit, a reptile, or other small animal, the location of her new home is very important. Be sure to find a spot where your furry friend can be a part of daily family life without being made vulnerable — particularly if you have children. More about critter care

Find a good vet

The Washington State Veterinary Medical Association provides listings of animal clinics by zip code and practice type. On their website, you'll also find tips for finding a good vet. Or, just ask your animal-loving friends for recommendations. They’ll likely lead you in the right direction. Find a veterinarian

Medical emergencies

If your pet has a medical emergency, take him to the nearest veterinary hospital immediately. If you activated Trupanion health insurance within 24 hours of adoption, unexpected emergencies could be covered. Contact Trupanion directly for details. More about emergencies

Visit our resource library

If you need help with your pet, you’ve come to the right place. Our resource library is huge and growing all the time. Look for articles and resources about pet care and behavior. View the library