Foster Spotlight: Tiffany Karam

Tiffany Karam started fostering with Seattle Humane in 2019. In that time, Tiffany and her family have fostered over 20 dogs and puppies! We’re recognizing Tiffany this month because we appreciate how patient, compassionate and dedicated she is as a foster parent. Tiffany reliably gravitates towards medium-large sized dogs looking for foster. Large adult dogs… Read more

Canine Respiratory Illness: How to Protect Your Pet

As you may have read in the news, there have been continued reports of an increase in respiratory illness impacting dogs across North America. There currently is no definitive information to support calling this a new virus or way to attribute every new reported case to the same pathogen. However, that doesn’t mean dog owners… Read more

Dog Bite Prevention

Children are at high risk for sustaining dog bites, especially from dogs they know during everyday activities. Implement these strategies to prevent a dog bite from happening in your home.… Read more

Dog Training: The Art of Calm

An underrated life skill for any dog to have is the ability to calm themselves in situation that would typically solicit an excited response such a jumping and barking. Here are some training tips on how to teach your dog how to choose calm over chaos.… Read more

Two Young Animal Advocates Fighting to Stop Puppy and Kitten Mills

As many of you know, every year, millions of puppies and kittens are inhumanely bred in mills across the United States. Many of them are neglected and die from inhumane conditions, but two young Washington State animal welfare advocates, Novia Liu and Ava Finn, are committed to change that. In 2018, California and Maryland both… Read more

Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank joins regional effort

What we’re doing to address pet food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this unprecedented time in history, when so many people are struggling to make ends meet, Seattle Humane has joined an amazing regional effort to ensure pet owners are able to keep their animals happy and healthy by addressing food insecurity in the… Read more

Scrap Passing These Foods Under the Holiday Table

The holidays always bring out a bounty of rich, temping foods, but don’t let Fido’s  pleading puppy dog eyes or the cat’s hard stare at your plate fool you into thinking they can and should share in all parts of the feast. Even a small portion of the wrong food can send your pet to… Read more

Doggie Duds: Puppy Potty Training

Who doesn’t love a puppy? Adorable, floppy, and downright goofy, every home cherishes these early days. But with puppyhood comes… potty training. Follow our six simple steps to build a strong potty training foundation with your pup.    1. Crate Train. Dogs are natural den dwellers and most will seek a “den” of their own. Crates often… Read more

6 Fluff-bugs Who’ve Had Enough of Winter!

It’s that time of year when everyone is suffering from post-holiday blues. No more twinkling lights and festive music to make the weather warmer. The next few months might have us longing for the magic of Pacific Northwest summers! But humans aren’t the only species dreaming of warmer months, here are six fluff-bugs who’ve had… Read more

7 Ways to Transition New Pets into the Home

The holiday season is a time of year where shelters everywhere experience many “gift adoptions.” While the thought of surprising your loved ones with a long anticipated furry friend might be heartwarming, many of these gift adoptions don’t work out. Why? Because many gift adoptions are impulsive. They can also be forced – where potential… Read more