No Kill WA

Seattle Humane is a No Kill shelter, which means we do not euthanize adoptable pets for space or time. In fact, Seattle Humane is leading the effort to make all shelters in Washington No Kill shelters with a goal to serve 10,000 pets every year.

No Kill legislation gives all animals a second chance

We believe every animal matters. Sadly, pets that enter shelters are often put down simply because they’re not adopted within a certain time frame or have special needs. As a result of these policies, half of all pets who enter shelters never come out again. But in our experience, we’ve seen how time and training make a difference in a pet. Every pet deserves the chance to find a loving home.

No Kill WA gives all animals a chance

By working with partner shelters, we have steadily increased the number of lives saved in our region year after year. Creative problem solving led by our animal care team, and the support of volunteer foster families has paved the way for success.

Partnerships with volunteers and other shelters are vital

In order to make the most of the resources of humane organizations, we’ve joined forces with the Pet Alliance of Washington. Compassionate representatives from communities all over the state serve on the PAW board. Together, we’re working to ensure that 90% of the pets who enter shelters to come out of them alive — and go into loving homes.

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