The Pet Alliance

Partnerships with volunteers and other shelters are vital

In order to make the most of the resources of humane organizations, we’ve¬†joined forces with the Pet Alliance of Washington. Compassionate¬†representatives from communities all over the state serve on the PAW board. Together, we’re working to ensure that 90% of the pets who enter shelters come out of them alive — and go into loving homes.

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No Kill WA gives all animals a chance

By working with partner shelters, we have steadily increased the number of lives saved in our region year after year. Creative problem solving led by our animal care team, and the support of volunteer foster families has paved the way for success.

Is Seattle Humane a No-Kill Shelter?

Yes. Seattle Humane has achieved a save rate of 98.8 percent, which means nearly 99 percent of pets who enter the shelter have a positive outcome. To qualify as a No-Kill shelter, the live save rate must be 90 percent or higher. This term is confusing, and while Seattle Humane fits this description, we do not describe ourselves as No Kill. We also acknowledge that in cases of animal suffering, humane euthanasia is the most compassionate outcome.

Bottom line: Seattle Humane is a managed-intake shelter that cares for pets with treatable medical or behavioral issues. There are no time limits placed on the pets in our care for space or time. Pets receive the medical care and behavior support they need to thrive in new homes.

Learn more about Seattle Humane’s animal statistics by reading the Annual Report or Asilomar Accords.