Foster a Pet

Fostering is a rewarding and enriching experience that provides pets with a loving, temporary home while they’re waiting to be adopted. Time commitments for foster care can range from a couple of days to several months. To learn more about our current foster parents, check out our Foster of the Month.

Become a Pet Foster Parent!

We’re currently looking for new Foster Parents! If you’re over 18 and would like to get started fostering, check out the details below to learn more about the kind of foster homes we’re looking for and how to apply. 

Before You Apply

At this time, we are only in need of foster homes for pets with medical or behavioral health needs (sometimes both). Healthy pets with no behavioral quirks don’t often need to spend time in a foster home, as they are usually adopted within a few days of arriving at the shelter.

Some examples of the kinds of pets who need foster the most:

  • Underage kittens with diarrhea who need supplemental syringe feeding and multiple oral medications.
  • Large dogs who are reactive to other animals, who need a home without children or other pets, and a foster parent willing to follow a behavior management plan.
  • Animals with ringworm who need regular lime dip treatments and frequent sanitizing of their living space.

We are most in need of foster parents who have experience or are willing to learn to medicate animals and work with medical and/or behavioral issues (our staff are happy to teach!).

If you are not interested in fostering these types of animals we suggest you look into fostering with other rescues or shelters, as Seattle Humane is unlikely to have pets available for you to foster. If you are interested in fostering these types of pets, we could really use your help!


If you would like to join our community of foster parents, be sure to visit our Volunteering page to apply! 


Please email [email protected] or call (425) 649-7557.