Featured Pets

Help us find a home for a pet that would make an amazing companion, but may need a bit of extra attention, patience and training.


Roo is a 7-year old Boxer mix who has been in Seattle Humane’s care since April and is currently with a wonderful foster family. She loves nothing more than to nap in a sunbeam with her people or a play a game of fetch or chase. Roo is also loyal and will follow her people around the house. Her ideal home would be with a patient and dedicated family, preferably with older children, who take the time to understand her body language and respect her space. Roo doesn’t have a history of living with other dogs. She has had some positive walks with other dogs her size and we’ll help her meet any potential siblings. We believe that with time and the right environment she will blossom! Do you a Roo-sized sunbeam inside your heart to give her a loving home?

Egret & Crow

Life is twice as nice with two little mice! Egret & Crow are like typical juveniles—they are very adventurous and love to explore, but in a contained, burrow-friendly habitat. They also snuggle together and are so fun to watch after mealtime. They wouldn’t mind having a dog or cat as a roommate, but probably best if they never meet. If you are looking to spice up your life with some mice, we have the pair for you!

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