Featured Pets

Help us find a home for a pet that would make an amazing companion, but may need a bit of extra attention, patience and training.


Duke is a 6-year-old, medium-sized pit bull mix who has spent more than 200 days looking for a family, after being transferred to the shelter from the Yakima Humane Society back in January.

Duke has spent most of his time living with a foster parent where he is learning lots of tricks, interacting with many new people – from children to seniors – and receiving plenty of support in addressing his separation anxiety. He couldn’t be left alone too long at first, but now can be left home for up to four hours without any issue.

He is very affectionate and enjoys spending time with his people, up on the couch beside them or in their laps receiving lots of pets. When he’s not in his foster home, Duke spends time in offices or behind the adoption desk at Seattle Humane. While on campus, Duke has had many wonderful playdates with other dogs and, with the proper introduction, he could go home to live with another dog friend – they would also keep him company while his people are away.

Duke loves to run and play but shouldn’t overdo it. He has osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia, but that doesn’t slow him down much. Duke’s new people will be able to discuss his physical and behavioral needs with Seattle Humane’s team of experts before he goes home.

Kittens with Ringworm

Ringworm is running rampant in a number of our partner shelters, and we’re taking them in as best as we can, but we are running low on space. That’s where you can help! Several of these temporarily crusty kittens are available through our Foster-to-Adopt program, so you can get the medicine and supplies needed to care for them as they clear ringworm, and then adopt them when they’re all better. This allows us to bring in more kitties from crowded shelters in Washington and beyond, saving more lives and completing more families!  

Each kitten undergoing treatment for ringworm who is eligible for our Foster-to-Adopt program will have a special note on their profile.  

Bonus: Adoption fees for kittens undergoing ringworm treatment in the Foster-to-Adopt program are waived for their adopters!  

Learn more about our Foster-to-Adopt program for kittens with ringworm: