Featured Pets

Help us find a home for a pet that would make an amazing companion, but may need a bit of extra attention, patience and training.


Maxine is a 4-year-old labrador retriever mix who has been in Seattle Humane’s care off-and-on since March. She is a very smart, playful and affectionate dog who requires a very specific home environment in order to be successful. Maxine is reactive toward other dogs and does not get along with cats, so she would need to be the only pet in the home. She would appreciate having a yard where she can run and play without the chance of running into another dog. Maxine loves to play fetch and is very well-behaved and gentle on walks. She knows a number of cues, including sit, stay, lie down, shake and high-five. Maxine does get very attached and protective of her people, so would do best in a home where every family member is involved in providing her love and care. Maxine is part of Seattle Humane’s Home Free program, meaning her new family can choose the adoption fee that works for them and apply those savings to Maxine’s care and ongoing training.

Guinea Pigs

We are crawling with critters! Guinea pigs, to be exact!!

In the video above, our shelter care director introduces you to a few of the guinea pigs at Seattle Humane, along with some fun facts about the social critters! Watch and learn, then check out the critters who are looking for loving homes.