Pet Training & Behavior Resources

Our team of certified dog trainers and animal behavior specialists compiled a list of training and behavior resources, all of which practice positive reinforcement and fear-free methods. Please note Seattle Humane does not endorse specific trainers or animal behavior professionals.  

Position Statements on Dog Training and Behavior Management

Seattle Humane advocates for interactions with animals based on compassion, respect and scientific evidence. In doing so, we practice positive reinforcement training methods. Our positioning on dog training and behavior management aligns with those of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB). For more information, we encourage you to explore the following: 

Dog Training and Behavior Resources

Cat & Critter Training and Behavior Resources


Your Dog’s Friend – Force free, positive dog training 
A nonprofit in Rockville, Mayland with force-free, positive dog training, free webinars and advice.  

Dogs: Common Behavior Issues
Best Friends Animal Society

Preventive Pet

Positive dog training and resources

Private & Group Training Classes

GoodPup: We’ve partnered with GoodPup to offer one complimentary week of training to Seattle Humane adopters and community members. Sign up here! GoodPup will also make a donation to Seattle Humane for every person who signs up for the complimentary week and continues training past the free trial. 

Group Classes and Private Lessons 


Cats: Behavior & Socialization
Best Friends Animal Society