Happy Adoption Tail: Kaia

I knew from the first moment I saw her that she was my girl. Five months old, eager for love and attention, but still nervous and submissively peeing when you reached out a hand due to whatever horrible situation she was in before she arrived. I was 20, had recently dropped out of college, and… Read more

Diabetic Senior Cat Gets New Lease on Life

Seattle Humane gave me my fur baby Lulu. She was the longest standing resident at the time and was clearly loved by all the staff and volunteers. She was 11 when I adopted her and diabetic. I had never had a diabetic cat before, so I was nervous about giving her insulin every 12 hours… Read more

Adoption Update: Karma

We adopted Karma (formerly known as Beauty) from Seattle Humane on October 12, 2013. She was a pregnant stray transferred from the Yakima Humane Society. She was very timid and was very fearful of everything. She wouldn’t let anybody but my husband and I touch her. She was terrified to go out into the yard and… Read more

Adoption Update: Doris

I met Doris Rose when I was volunteering on the MaxMobile in 2013. When the side panel doors were lifted, all the other kitties except Doris sat quietly and calmly. In contrast, Doris began rapidly moving in her cage, catching my eye as she paced back and forth and then began eating her kibble out of the dish by scooping it… Read more

Adoption Update: Lily

We first adopted our dog Lily (formerly known as Sorah) in 2019. She turned out to have some behavioral challenges, but we love her anyway! Learning about Seattle Humane got me interested in the Teen Program, which I participated in in 2019 as well! After COVID hit, I returned for about nine  months as a… Read more

Adoption Update: Leia

We adopted the most amazing pup last year and can’t imagine life without her! Leia came to Seattle Humane on a lifesaver flight from Hawaii and she embodies island chill — sweet, calm, loves a snuggle and to snooze in the sunshine.  Leia gets along very well with her two feline brothers, Bean and Busby,… Read more

Adoption Update: Lulu

I met Qwerky Reloaded (renamed Lulu), a purebred Pixie-Bob cat, in 2008 when visiting Seattle Humane. I’ll never forget how she decided I was the human for her… she exuded confidence as she walked throughout the cat room, getting a hiss from each cat she encountered. When she finally came up to me, her cute… Read more

Adoption Update: Zeke and Riley

I adopted Zeke and Riley from Seattle Humane in Dec. 2016. They were four and six at the time and came in together. I had just lost my Chihuahua terrier mix that August to cancer and although I was still heartbroken, I knew I wanted to open my home to another dog (or two!). They adjusted… Read more