Helping Your Four-Legged Family Members on the Fourth 

Even the most patriotic pet owner is weary of Independence Day because they know those fireworks shows – the large, sanctioned spectacles and the many more small gatherings being held in every neighborhood – are going to be a real doozy for their pets. You may not have any control over the fireworks near you… Read more

Every Lost Pet Deserves To Be Found 

June is National Microchipping Month! Microchipping is an easy, safe and effective way to make sure your furry friend always makes their way back home to you. Christina, Interim Head of Shelter Care, shares a little more about the importance of chipping your pet.  What is a microchip?   A microchip is a small pet… Read more

Dedicated to Fostering for Decades

Hiliary Anderson has been a Seattle Humane foster parent for more than 20 years, clocking in 178 pets fostered since we started keeping a digital record. Our foster team estimates Hiliary’s real total is somewhere in excess of 250 pets! She was most recently moved by the call for help when Seattle Humane pulled 14… Read more

Expanding Options for Ringworm Treatment: A Promising Study for Shelter Cats

Predominantly plaguing felines, ringworm is a fungal skin infection that can be difficult and time-consuming to treat in a high-volume shelter setting. It is highly contagious and can be transmitted to other animals and humans – adding to the complexity of ringworm treatment management. However, a new study out of Cornell University College of Veterinary… Read more

Introducing the Touch Stick!

At Seattle Humane, we use something called a “touch stick” for new cats and cats who are afraid of human hands. Exactly like it sounds, a touch stick is a stick for touching, in particular for cats who might be afraid of or unused to human hands. It also helps assess the personality of feral… Read more

Seattle Humane Transfers Cats from the Bahamas

YOU can help contribute to saving displaced Bahama cats by making a contribution: More than a dozen animals will be flown in from the country devastated by Hurricane Dorian; shelter also anticipates receiving animals displaced by California wildfires; more than 3,750 pets have been transferred to Seattle Humane so far this year. Earlier this… Read more

Two Young Animal Advocates Fighting to Stop Puppy and Kitten Mills

As many of you know, every year, millions of puppies and kittens are inhumanely bred in mills across the United States. Many of them are neglected and die from inhumane conditions, but two young Washington State animal welfare advocates, Novia Liu and Ava Finn, are committed to change that. In 2018, California and Maryland both… Read more

Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank joins regional effort

What we’re doing to address pet food insecurity during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this unprecedented time in history, when so many people are struggling to make ends meet, Seattle Humane has joined an amazing regional effort to ensure pet owners are able to keep their animals happy and healthy by addressing food insecurity in the… Read more

Chubby Cats: Don’t be a Brat, Burn that Fat!

Grab your sneakers! Our annual Chubby Cat promotion is back! We’re offering a $1 per pound discount on cats one year and up to encourage animal lovers to welcome a furry workout buddy into their hearts and homes. If you have a chubby cat at home, or are thinking of adopting one, check out our… Read more