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At Seattle Humane, we rescue pets in need and connect them with families who will love them. We’ve been a part of the Seattle community for more than 100 years, providing veterinary services, education, and activities that promote animal welfare. Learn More

Your donations provide care for homeless pets

Cats for Hire

The Working Cat Program gives feral cats a chance by adopting them out to work in barns, wineries, shops, or even private homes for pest control. Learn more.

Dog Training

Our dog training classes utilize positive, dog-friendly methods effective for dogs and puppies of all ages.
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Cast a Spell of Love

October 18-20 | $50 off the adoption fee of your patronus. See our adoptable animals here!

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Rescuing animals since 1897

7,000 We serve 7,000 animals each year.
80% We are mindful stewards of your donation: 80 percent of funds raised go directly to the animals.
98.4% We have a 98.4% live-save rate, one of the highest in the nation for a shelter of our size and scope.

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