Foster Parent Spotlight: Nicole B.

Nicole B. with her cat, Athena.

Nicole B. turned to Seattle Humane’s volunteer foster program as a way to cope and give back to her community during a challenging time. Little did she know that this journey would lead her to find her true passion in life – helping pets in need find loving adoptive homes.  

As a volunteer foster parent, Nicole never shies away from welcoming pets into her home who are going through challenging times of their own. Her dedication allows Seattle Humane to continue providing individualized care for pets in need. We are grateful for Nicole’s contribution to our mission. Thank you for your unwavering support, Nicole! 

Read on to learn more about Nicole’s favorite foster pet, the rewarding aspects of fostering and her advice to those who are considering becoming volunteer foster parents with Seattle Humane.  

Nicole with her cat, Seattle Humane foster fail, Lizzie.

Q. Tell us about one of your favorite Seattle Humane foster pets. 

A. I might be biased here, but definitely Lizzie and her siblings! They were by far the sweetest and most affectionate litter of kittens I have ever met. Even while dealing with ringworm and being quarantined for two months, those little babies did not lose their spunk! They were so happy to see me come into the bathroom, all geared up in personal protective equipment (PPE), ready to give them the love they needed! They were so active, funny and each had their own personality that made them different from one another! Luckily, the brother and the other sister were adopted together. And in the end, I ended up foster-failing Lizzie. That little girl stole my heart, and I just couldn’t give her back.  

Q. What inspired you to foster pets with Seattle Humane?  

A. Prior to fostering, my mental health was not the greatest. I was struggling and I felt like I had no way out. My friend mentioned fostering and I thought maybe this could be a good outlet. I signed up and was quickly accepted! The process was so fast and easy. Once I started fostering, my serotonin kicked in! I found my passion in life. All the animals I ever fostered had such an impact on my life. I can honestly say all the kitties saved my life.  

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of fostering?  

A. I mostly foster cats who are experiencing a high level of FAS (fear, anxiety or stress) in the shelter. Seeing them come out of their shells while in my home is the most rewarding aspect of fostering. I’m giving these cats, who are probably ignored by most, a chance of having a better life. Just showing people a little patience and TLC can go a long way for these cats. It also helps that my cats are very kitty-confident and are always willing to help their mama out! 

Q. When/how did your love of animals begin?   

A. From birth! I grew up with pets my whole life and my mom taught me to always show love to all animals!  There has never been a time in my life when I did not have a pet in my home.  

Q. Are there any experiences that you feel helped prepare you for fostering (previous jobs, internships, schooling, resident pets, etc.)   

A. Growing up, I had many pets. Dogs, cats and birds, all at once! So, the experience I gained from all these past fur babies have definitely helped me gain the confidence to foster. And I also volunteered at an animal shelter in high school! 

Left to right: Athena, Lizzie and Apollo.

Q. Do you have any pets of your own?   

A. I have three cats who are my life! Athena is an all-black cat. She’s the queen of the household! She’s 3 years old. Then there’s Apollo, my white, chunky, big boy of a cat. He is such a helper! He is so patient and affectionate, especially with the scared kittens. He will be 2 years old this summer! And last but not least, Lizzie. She was my foster fail and I’m so grateful for her. She’s my little lion cub and she’s the most confident baby kitty ever! She’s going to be 1 year old in April! 

Q. Besides fostering, tell us about your hobbies. Do you have any hidden talents we might not know about?  

A. Besides fostering, I really enjoy going to Pike Place Market and trying new foods! I also enjoy cooking and looking up DIY projects for my cats!  

Q. What advice would you give to others who are thinking about fostering a pet?  

A. Do it! It will open so many opportunities for you, and it really connects you to such an amazing group of people. I can’t thank the foster department enough for always believing in me and helping out when I needed it. It’s so rewarding in the end to see the animal receive a happy ending! And who knows, maybe you’ll find your future foster fail! 

Nicole shares a snuggle with her cat Apollo.

Make a Difference   

Just like Nicole, you can make a difference in the lives of pets at Seattle Humane. Become a foster parent or check out other volunteer opportunities to help pets at our Bellevue campus and in the community. 

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