Advocacy at Seattle Humane 

Seattle Humane is championing the rights and well-being of pets and their people alongside our peers in the animal welfare community. We are committed to sharing information about the ever-evolving field of animal welfare, empowering our community to act as advocates for pets and the people who love them.   

There are many policy areas that directly affect pets and their families in our region, and we have seen firsthand the systemic challenges our community faces in owning and caring for a pet in Washington state. Seattle Humane is actively working in conjunction with our peers to support animal welfare policy initiatives.  

As we continue to build our coalition of animal welfare advocates, Seattle Humane has identified two issues where we can be a champion for change: 


1. Eliminate pet restrictions in WA state housing rentals 

2. Advocate for animal welfare career paths 

What’s New?

Update on efforts for more pet inclusive housing

Seattle Humane is continuing to support the ASPCA’s efforts to create more equitable, pet inclusive housing in Washington state. Earlier this year, we worked together to lay the groundwork for removing housing barriers faced by pet owners and improve animal welfare in our state. As the next session approaches, we are speaking with legislators and continuing that momentum. Watch this page for updates!

Strengthening animal cruelty laws in Washington state!

Congratulations to Pasado’s Safe Haven and animals across the state! Last week, the House of Representative passed HB 1961 to make animal cruelty a ranked felony. The bill goes to the Senate Law & Justice Committee next – join Seattle Humane in supporting Pasado’s work by clicking this link and taking action!

Fighting for pet inclusive housing!

Seattle Humane and the ASPCA have been working together on a new bill, SB 6064, focused on limiting the amount of pet deposits that can be charged and prohibiting pet rent and pet fees for a new or existing tenant. Pet inclusive housing is a priority given the recent rise in surrenders to shelters across the region due to financial insecurity and housing barriers. A rise in owner surrenders is leading to shelter overcrowding across Washington. Removing these housing barriers for pet owners is an important step to ensure that all families can experience the many benefits of pet ownership and will create more equitable, pet inclusive housing and keep families–and their pets–together. Check out this SB 6064 Fact Sheet to learn more and see how you can help!

City of Tacoma bans cruel cat declawing practice!

On December 5, the Tacoma City Council voted to ban the inhumane practice of cat declawing. This groundbreaking decision not only makes Tacoma the first city in the state to put an end to this mutilation but also stands as a testament to the power of collaboration between local government, animal welfare organizations, and community. Read more.

Congratulations to Humane Society for Tacoma & Pierce County for making this happen!

We ap-PAWed you!

Pets are family!

For the 95% of pet owners who consider their pets part of the family, there is no compromising when it comes to pet-friendly housing. No one should feel forced to decide between having a roof over their head or keeping their beloved pets. That is why Seattle Humane is collaborating with the ASPCA and other animal welfare organizations to remove barriers and keep people and pets together here in Washington state.

Read more about the campaign here and here.

Welcome Fur Fighters!

On July 24, Seattle Humane was proud to welcome the Fur Fighters Caucus, a bipartisan group of WA state legislators committed to supporting animal welfare issues, to our campus for their meeting. The Caucus, led by Rep. Amy Walen, was founded in 2021 to champion bills that protect animals in WA state. Caucus members were joined by local animal welfare advocates to review recent policy successes and discuss priority areas for the upcoming legislative session in January 2024. We are grateful to be aligned with our many peer organizations in pursuing these aims as we find new ways to grow our impact together. 

Thank you to all the legislators, voters and animal welfare organizations working together to improve the lives of animals here in WA state. To learn more about recent legislative wins and animal welfare bills, visit the WA State Legislature online. 

Learn more!  

You’re invited to explore in your own time some of the resources we’ve found informative as we’re identifying our advocacy priorities and where Seattle Humane can have a lasting impact. 

Here’s how you can help! 

SB 6064 would reasonably limit pet deposits to $150, prohibit additional pet fees of any kind, and prohibit additional pet rents. The co-sponsors are Senator Drew Hansen and Senator Patty Kuderer and the bill is receiving bi-partisan support. You can review the official bill prepared from the code reviser’s office here. The bill would have a positive impact in communities across the state, benefiting the thousands of renters who face the impossible challenge of deciding to keep their pets or have a roof over their heads, and in turn help mitigate the rise in owner surrenders leading to shelter overcrowding.  

  • Show your support of SB 6064 by using this social media toolkit and sharing this SB 6064 Fact Sheet with your networks, inviting them to support as well.
  • Join the ASPCA, Seattle Humane and other animal welfare organizations for a Washington Animal Advocacy Meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 23 using this Zoom link.
  • Register your support! Please take a moment to call your Senator to tell them how important this legislation is for people and pets in your community. In addition, you can take direct action by registering your support for the bill before the hearing here and here.
  • Share your story! We know that families are broken apart by the inability to identify suitable housing that accommodates their pets. Do you have a story that you could share with us or are you able to connect us with someone that has been affected by this difficult situation? Submit them through the ASPCA’s online portal here.

Thank you and we look forward to creating a more humane world together! 

Want to share your thoughts? Email us at We look forward to hearing from you! 

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