Dog Bite Prevention

Children are at high risk for sustaining dog bites, especially from dogs they know during everyday activities. Implement these strategies to prevent a dog bite from happening in your home.… Read more

Dog Training: The Art of Calm

An underrated life skill for any dog to have is the ability to calm themselves in situation that would typically solicit an excited response such a jumping and barking. Here are some training tips on how to teach your dog how to choose calm over chaos.… Read more

Are Your Pets Ready For the Holidays?

People understandably want to bring their pets with them when they’re visiting family this time of year because, well, those fur babies ARE family! There are a number of questions you’ll want to ask when determining if it’s worth it to pack up the family and hit the road or skies this holiday season, the… Read more

A Happy and Healthy Pet is a Snip!

There are many reasons to spay or neuter your pets, beyond the obvious desire to avoid unwanted pregnancies and address the pet homelessness crisis. World Spay/Neuter Awareness Month is a perfect opportunity every year in February for veterinary professionals to raise awareness and promote these lifesaving procedures. Every shelter pet that comes through Seattle Humane… Read more

Pet Wellness is Good for People

We have constant daily reminders about the importance of getting vaccinated, monitoring our health and wellness, and scheduling regular check-ups to make sure we’re in good shape. These same rules apply to our four-legged friends, and National Pet Wellness Month provides a great opportunity to share how preventative care can save your pet’s life and… Read more

Easing Your Pets Back Into the Work Routine

We have some suggestions that may help prevent your pet from developing separation anxiety, or just to make them happier and more comfortable being left alone. If your pet is already exhibiting signs of stress when left alone, we recommend that you consult with a behavior specialist because the training for this must be done carefully and methodically.… Read more

Beating the Heat

People and their pets are suffering this massive heat wave – today being the worst – and we want to share some resources to help cool off and find relief. Tips to Stay Cool Never leave pets alone in a hot car, as internal temperatures can spike immensely. Even if you have the AC on… Read more

The First Dog is not Alone

Aggressive behavior is not a dog’s fault – it’s just behavior. In other words, all behavior – including aggression – is a reaction to something, but that doesn’t mean it’s the injured person’s fault.… Read more

The Latest: COVID-19 and shelter closure

Shelter Extends Closure to the Public. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 12, 2020 Seattle Humane has extended its closure to the public until further notice to support community efforts to reduce the spread of infection. This announcement comes as the shelter monitors new information concerning the coronavirus outbreak, as well as in response to recommendations from government… Read more

Introducing the Touch Stick!

At Seattle Humane, we use something called a “touch stick” for new cats and cats who are afraid of human hands. Exactly like it sounds, a touch stick is a stick for touching, in particular for cats who might be afraid of or unused to human hands. It also helps assess the personality of feral… Read more