Pets Are Family

Seattle Humane and the ASPCA Are Committed to Keeping Pets With Their People 

For the 95% of pet owners who consider their pets part of the family, there is no compromising when it comes to pet-friendly housing. No one should feel forced to decide between having a roof over their head or keeping their beloved pets. That is why Seattle Humane is collaborating with the ASPCA and other animal welfare organizations to remove barriers to keep people and pets together here in Washington state. 

Seattle Humane is committed to advocating for pets and their people as part of our strategic plan, which complements the work we’re doing here every day to support pet owners facing financial instability and a shortage of pet-inclusive housing.  

Seattle Humane’s community programs provide a much-needed lifeline for pet owners, but we know that to create lasting change we need to address the root causes of these challenges. That means raising awareness within our community and engaging with policymakers and animal welfare organizations like the ASPCA to affect positive change at the legislative level.    

“No pet” policies and weight/breed restrictions are among the primary housing barriers many pet owners are experiencing, in addition to prohibitively high pet deposits and pet rent. Data shows that many of these restrictions are based on stereotypes and misinformation and should not play a part in property owners denying people and their pets a place to call home. Learn more about misconceptions and breed-specific laws from the Pet-Inclusive Housing Initiative and the American Veterinary Medical Association.   

Thankfully there are legislators working in Olympia who agree and, by teaming up with the ASPCA and other animal welfare organizations here in Washington, there is positive momentum to push for better housing protections and remove barriers to pet-friendly housing through legislative action. 

As we embark on this exciting journey advocating for a more humane world for pets and the people who love them, Seattle Humane will continue to support pet owners through our many community programs focused on keeping pets happy and healthy at home. The need is great and continues to grow, and we need your support to expand our services and programs to help pets in Washington. For starters, please sign the petition to let state lawmakers know that you support efforts to make housing affordable and accessible to pet owners.  

Learn about the programs we offer to support pet owners, read more about our advocacy efforts and learn what you can do to help

2 thoughts on “Pets Are Family

  1. pets are no different than children. pets ARE children! it doesn’t make sense to have breed restrictions or limit 2 pets per. animals deserve the same right as humans do. animals are innocent and pure and the “aggressive” traits are learned by human behavior in the first place. they are not born that way. why should a animal have to suffer because of brainwashed fear that a “pitbull” is mean? animals just want love like anyone else. i don’t understand why some animals are singled out- when humans aren’t and they are usually always much worse and cause a lot more damage. save pets! let them live in homes without restrictions! save them all!

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