An Unexpected Path to Seattle Humane

In November of 2008, Pete Segall and his wife, Heather Dolin, went on a three-week trip to India. During their trip, they had the opportunity to spend a life-changing day working with animals at a shelter called Animal Aid. After returning home to Seattle, Pete and Heather were inspired to make working with animals a bigger part of their life. Lucky for us, that’s when Pete found Seattle Humane. … Read more

From Abandoned to Adored: Gabby’s New Life

Gabby, a deaf and beautiful long-haired cat, was abandoned at Seattle Humane only one month before her 10th birthday. Through Seattle Humane, she not only gained a loving home, but with the help of her foster, Kelly Wittman, a cure for her hyperthyroidism!… Read more

Volunteer Highlight: Meet Dea Barnett and Leslie Wang

Since the beginning of the pandemic, rain or shine, Dea Barnett and Leslie Wang have come to our shelter every week to help our Facilities team meet the City of Bellevue’s stringent weeding and native plant coverage requirements. It’s a daunting task, and the Facilities team could not be more grateful for their amazing gardening skills and devoted help!… Read more

PetSmart Charities invests $50,000 in Seattle Humane’s Community Medicine program

Seattle Humane’s Community Medicine program provides quality veterinary care for pets and families in need of assistance. We could not have made the sizable impact we did for so many pets and the people who love them in 2020 without the generous support of PetSmart Charities, which provided us with a $50,000 grant to expand access to affordable veterinary services.… Read more

The First Dog is not Alone

Aggressive behavior is not a dog’s fault – it’s just behavior. In other words, all behavior – including aggression – is a reaction to something, but that doesn’t mean it’s the injured person’s fault.… Read more

Affordable Housing Leader Joins Seattle Humane as New CEO

Former Compass Housing Alliance COO Christopher Ross has joined Seattle Humane as its new CEO. Christopher brings an extensive background in nonprofit leadership, a commitment to the community and a deep love of animals.… Read more

Seattle Humane Announces Incoming CEO

On behalf of the CEO Search Committee and the Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the selection of Christopher Ross as incoming CEO of Seattle Humane.… Read more

A SPOT of Good News for Struggling Pet Owners

SPOT – Supporting Pet Owners in Transition – is a growing program that provides pet owners with shelter for their furry family members until they are in a better place to care for them again.… Read more