Matching Gift Opportunity to Support Pet Owner Assistance Fund

Nala had a life-threatening tumor removed thanks to the Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

Last year, before COVID-19 changed life as we knew it, long-time Seattle Humane supporters Anne and Jack Fontaine came to us with a mission. Anne grew up on a farm, and her love for animals was deeply embedded in her soul. She wholeheartedly believed animal companionship was not a privilege and should be accessible to everyone.

With this in mind, the Fontaines established the Pet Owner Assistance Fund to help families struggling with high or unexpected costs or other circumstances challenging their ability to keep their pets healthy and safe at home.

Since last summer, more than 200 pets have been able to stay with their loving families because they received support through the Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

The fund has provided more than $70,000 in support, with much of that covering emergency veterinary bills. The goal of this fund is to cover a broad range of services to help keep pets with their loving families, including medical care, short-term boarding, dog training, as well as pet supplies and medication.

When Anne and Jack established the Pet Owner Assistance Fund, they had no idea how important it would become in so many lives.

They can’t do it alone, though. The Fontaines have generously pledged $10,000 as a matching gift to the Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

We need your support by April 16, 2021 to help meet the match.

Unfortunately, the need in our community grows each day and will continue to grow even beyond the country’s recovery from the pandemic. Seattle Humane’s Pet Resource Center receives urgent calls for assistance every day. Your financial support has never been more important.

For every story about a pet helped by the Pet Owner Assistance Fund, there is a human story as well – a pet’s silly antics that bring laughter to a family; a child’s best friend who listens quietly and loves unconditionally; a lively companion for a senior who gives a new reason for being. None of these stories are possible without you. With your support, we can help hundreds of pets and their families this year.

Little Guy
Little Guy

Little Guy, a dapper Chihuahua mix, had his life changed thanks to the Pet Owner Assistance Fund. This little guy meant the world to his family. Rescued from a shelter in California, it often seemed something was holding Little Guy  back. The family wondered if he was still recovering from old trauma. During a routine exam, they learned Little Guy  was living in pain. His oral health had deteriorated and he needed dental surgery to live a happy and healthy life.

Through the support of the Pet Owner Assistance Fund, Little Guy received the dental care he needed. His family reports Little Guy is doing great and it seems like a “weight has been lifted since getting a clean, healthy new mouth.”

Nala and Little Guy are just two pets who have received care through the fund. With your support, we can help hundreds more.

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