Asher Bearman

Pet-passionate Asher Bearman started supporting Seattle Humane not only because his childhood home neighbored the campus, but because the organization was setting a new regional standard for animal welfare– a cause close to his heart. … Read more

John Wenstrup

“It is a strong belief of mine that every family that wants to create a loving home for a pet should be able to have a pet, and have access to care for that pet,” says Seattle Humane Board Member John Wenstrup. John’s journey into animal welfare didn’t start with Seattle Humane. It started just… Read more

Recognizing Seattle Humane is More Than an Animal Shelter 

Like many of us in 2020, Debbi Gillotti reevaluated what was most important to her and how she wanted to intentionally spend her time moving forward. Deciding to dedicate more of her energy to animal welfare initiatives she holds dear brought her closer to Seattle Humane. She recognized the innovative community services Seattle Humane offers… Read more

Finding a Passion for Animal Welfare  

Clare Pedersen’s instant connection to Seattle Humane  Clare has never shied away from what she wants in life and starting her position as a board member with Seattle Humane was no different. Prior to Seattle Humane, she was on the board for a different organization, but realized it wasn’t quite the right fit.   “When you… Read more

Phil Sorgen

How a Special Needs Pup Showed Phil Sorgen the Power of Seattle Humane  As a parent of two alumni dogs from Seattle Humane, Phil’s experience with the organization was personal from the start. Their first dog, Gracie, was adopted in the old facility while their second dog, Joey, was adopted right after the opening of… Read more

Ann Johnson

Ann discovered her passion for helping animals in high school when she briefly adopted a stray Husky mix. As a board member, she is dedicated to helping pets stay with the people who love them and is an advocate for community education as well as animal welfare programs that service everyone.… Read more

Kathy Connors

As a board member for 10 years, Kathy has seen a lot of change during her time with Seattle Humane. Throughout the Capital Campaign, which raised funds for Seattle Humane’s new facility, Kathy played a crucial role in helping to fundraise and recruit supporters. When it comes to what’s next for Seattle Humane, Kathy is excited to work toward increasing equity in pet ownership and opportunities for people to connect with animals from a young age.… Read more

Leanne Webber

Leanne was first introduced to Seattle Humane through her mother, Barbara, who was a passionate supporter of the organization. She is now the chair of the board and is excited by what she sees as the future for Seattle Humane.… Read more

Bonnie Towne

Bonnie has always had a strong love for animals and while she knew about Seattle Humane, she did not become connected to the organization until she was asked to help with the Capital Campaign, which was to raise funds for a much-needed new facility. Once Bonnie became involved with Seattle Humane, she hit the ground running.  … Read more