Asher Bearman

Asher served on the Seattle Humane Board of Directors between 2021-2023, including contributions to the Nominations & Governance and Audit committees.
Asher Bearman and his rescue dog, Mouse.

In the early 2000s, pet-passionate Asher Bearman started supporting Seattle Humane not only because his childhood home neighbored the campus, but because the organization was setting a new regional standard for animal welfare– a cause close to his heart.  

“Seattle Humane was a trailblazer during a time when the concept of no-kill animal sheltering was just starting to gain popularity across the nation,” says Asher.  

Asher’s contributions to Seattle Humane began by supporting the organization’s annual Tuxes & Tails event. He joined the board of directors shortly after and continues to play an active role in both the Nominations & Governance and Audit Committees.  

Looking forward as Seattle Humane makes headway on our 5-year strategic plan, Asher is excited for the organization’s evolution as leadership continues to think outside the box and operationalize to meet the needs of pets and their people in our growing community.  

“Seattle Humane continues to serve as a leader in the region and as a role model to other animal welfare organizations. We aren’t afraid to put ourselves out there and do something different than what has been done before,” says Asher.  

Asher is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Trupanion. Outside of work and dedicating his expertise and time to advancing Seattle Humane’s mission, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife, son and chihuahua mix, Mouse. 

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