Janette Adamucci

When she retired, Janette Adamucci knew she wanted to devote more of her time to a cause that held a special place in her heart: animal welfare.  

Janette signed up to volunteer in Seattle Humane’s Pet Food Bank in 2000. “Back then, we were only able to support a few groups of community members,” says Janette, adding it is truly special to see how much the organization has grown since then. “Today, our inclusive approach allows us to provide nearly 80,000 pet meals per month to families in Seattle and the Puget Sound region.” 

Janette became more involved with Seattle Humane over the next decade, expanding into fostering a few pets and supporting fundraising campaigns, including the annual Tuxes & Tails fundraising gala. Janette joined the board of directors in 2012, just in time to kick off the capital campaign that would bring the vision of our state-of-the-art facility to life.  

“The facility sets us apart,” says Janette. “The vet clinic is truly impressive. That, paired with the dedication of the staff who perform lifesaving veterinary care, amplifies our ability to make a difference for animals in need here in Washington and across the nation through our Lifesaver Rescue transfer program,” she adds.  

Looking ahead, Janette is playing an active role in putting the organization’s Vision 2026 into action. As a lifelong animal welfare advocate, she is especially passionate about eliminating geographic barriers to pet adoption and pet care. “Addressing access to adoptable pets in the region to make adoption the first option for families seeking animal companions is important,” Janette says.  

Removing barriers to adoption will allow Seattle Humane to continue to not only set the standard for animal sheltering in Washington, but also play a large role in contributing to the advancement of animal welfare across the nation through partnerships with peer shelters, animal rescue and human services organizations. 

“We want everyone to feel welcome in the animal welfare movement,” says Janette. “Our success is shared with our community members, rescue and shelter partners. All are welcome in animal welfare.”  

Janette is in awe of the dedication of the staff, volunteers and supporters of Seattle Humane, as she works alongside her fellow board members and Team Seattle Humane, to make headway on the organization’s strategic plan.  

“I am so happy I am with Seattle Humane during this time when there is so much growth. I am just so proud to be part of an organization like this,” exclaims Janette.  

Janette continues to volunteer in the Pet Food Bank along with serving as the vice chair of the board of directors and the chair of the Donor Development Committee. When she isn’t sharing her time, passion and expertise at Seattle Humane, Janette can be found traveling with her husband, Bill, or enjoying time with her cat, Goober, who you may recognize as the October star of Seattle Humane’s 2022 calendar. 

Janette and Bill Adamucci’s cat, Goober, poses for her calendar glamour shot.

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