Pet Owner Assistance Fund

Seattle Humane’s Pet Owner Assistance Fund To The Rescue!

In these challenging times, our pets are more important than ever before. Imagine having to give up your pet because you couldn’t afford the cost of veterinary care. That’s exactly what Skye’s family faced when the three-year-old kitty had an obstruction that would require thousands of dollars of veterinary care to treat. With no other options, Skye’s family brought her to Seattle Humane for lifesaving surgery.

Although Seattle Humane closed to the public (except by appointment or emergency) in early March under Washington State’s stay-at-home order, including those services provided by the Schuler Family Foundation Medical Center, a small veterinary team was on-hand to provide emergency care for Skye. An X-ray showed foreign material in her intestine — surgery was performed immediately to remove it. The brave kitty’s surgery was successful, and after several days recovering in the hospital, Skye went home into the loving arms of her family.

Seattle Humane’s Pet Owner Assistance Fund, recently established by generous supporters who believe animal companionship should be accessible to everyone regardless of circumstance, will help provide care for pets like Skye in the future. Creating a safety net for pet owners who may face putting their needs above those of their furry loved ones, the Fund supports Seattle Humane’s community programs — the Pet Food Bank, Pet Project, and the new Community Medicine Program. Once shelter services ramp up, the Community Medicine Program will provide a full range of medical services to many income-qualified pet owners, so they aren’t required to surrender their pets.

The Pet Owner Assistance Fund is one of the many designated funds you can donate to during Seattle Humane’s first-ever Day of Giving. You to the rescue to save lives, complete families, and keep families together!

Ben, a five-year-old Seattle Humane alum, and Splotch, a 13 year-old kitty, are proud of their humans for providing the seed money for the new Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

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