Pet Rehoming

Rehoming your pet is a difficult decision, but sometimes situations arise that make it seem like the only choice. Because you love your pet and the bond between a person and a pet is strong, our first solution is to try to find a way to keep your family together. We’ll work with you to find a way to keep your pets and can offer help with common issues like behavior problems or moving.

We understand, however, that situations arise that make it impossible for you to keep your pet. In that case, we’ll do our best to help you rehome your pet.

For more information about training or other solutions for keeping your pet, please call us at (425) 641-0080. We will be happy to assist you or refer you to others who can help.

Surrendering your pet for rehoming

An appointment is required to surrender your animal. Seattle Humane requires intake appointments so our staff and volunteers can collect medical history and behavior traits about each incoming pet.

To fill out a surrender application online, click one of the links below:

Dog Animal Surrender (Please complete a form for each pet.)

Cat Animal Surrender (Please complete a form for each pet.)

Small Mammal Surrender (Please complete a form for each pet.)

Questions about the surrender process? Need additional help? Contact our Pet Resource Center at (425) 649-7561 or [email protected]

Continuing Care Donation

We request a continuing care donation when an animal is admitted to us. The average cost of care for an animal that is brought to Seattle Humane is $570, and while you are not required to make a donation, all donations are greatly appreciated and help to offset a portion of the cost of caring for the thousands of animals we receive each year.

Alternatives to Rehoming

Please consider these solutions for common rehoming issues: