End of Life

We offer humane euthanasia for seriously ill or dying companion animals by appointment only. If you have an urgent need, please refer to your local veterinarian or the clinics listed under Animal Emergencies for humane euthanasia services.

Losing an animal is difficult and the process can be very emotional. We have grief resources available to you. But unfortunately, at this time, we do not have the resources to allow you to be present during euthanasia.


To make an appointment please contact [email protected] or (425) 649-7561.

Animal WeightEuthanasia w/ Private CremationEuthanasia w/ Non-private Cremation
0-4 lbs$150.00$110.00
5-25 lbs$160.00$120.00
26-50 lbs$185.00$135.00
51-75 lbs$240.00$145.00
76-100 lbs$260.00$160.00
101+ lbs$295.00$175.00



Seattle Humane offers the option of a private or non-private cremation. Private cremations are processed individually and the animal’s remains are returned to the owner in an urn. This process takes up to two weeks for the remains to be ready for pick-up. Call (425) 649-7561 or email [email protected] for more information.


Private Cremation (Ashes returned)/ Non-Private Cremation (Ashes not returned)

Animal WeightPrivate CremationNon-Private Cremation
0-4 lbs$100.00$60.00
5-25 lbs$110.00$70.00
26-50 lbs$130.00$80.00
51-75 lbs$185.00$90.00
76-100 lbs$200.00$100.00
101+ lbs$235.00$115.00