Adoption Update: Lily

We first adopted our dog Lily (formerly known as Sorah) in 2019. She turned out to have some behavioral challenges, but we love her anyway! Learning about Seattle Humane got me interested in the Teen Program, which I participated in in 2019 as well! After COVID hit, I returned for about nine  months as a… Read more

Adoption Update: Leia

We adopted the most amazing pup last year and can’t imagine life without her! Leia came to Seattle Humane on a lifesaver flight from Hawaii and she embodies island chill — sweet, calm, loves a snuggle and to snooze in the sunshine.  Leia gets along very well with her two feline brothers, Bean and Busby,… Read more

Adoption Update: Lulu

I met Qwerky Reloaded (renamed Lulu), a purebred Pixie-Bob cat, in 2008 when visiting Seattle Humane. I’ll never forget how she decided I was the human for her… she exuded confidence as she walked throughout the cat room, getting a hiss from each cat she encountered. When she finally came up to me, her cute… Read more

Adoption Update: Zeke and Riley

I adopted Zeke and Riley from Seattle Humane in Dec. 2016. They were four and six at the time and came in together. I had just lost my Chihuahua terrier mix that August to cancer and although I was still heartbroken, I knew I wanted to open my home to another dog (or two!). They adjusted… Read more

Adoption Update: Malie

We had just gotten in a transfer from one of our partners in Hawaii and that’s when I saw him — the most perfect cat I have ever seen. Simba, a large, short-haired brown tabby with gorgeous green eyes, was slow blinking at everyone who passed him. As soon as I made eye contact with… Read more

Adoption Update: Mocha

We adopted Mocha right before quarantine started in March of 2020. She has been a classic COVID pup… under-socialized and not doing very well with other people, however she loves us SO much, and from a fearful, shy dog she became a happy, goofy and affectionate family member! She loved joining me on most of… Read more