Celebrating Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians

It is not news that there is a shortage of veterinary professionals, which was only exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Seattle Humane recognizes the critical role licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs) play in animal welfare and in furthering our mission. So much so that one of the priorities in our five-year strategic vision is investing in our people: promoting careers and livable wages in animal welfare, particularly roles like LVTs in the veterinary field. 

Becoming a credentialed veterinary technician requires mastering a multitude of specialized skills. On any given day, LVTs at Seattle Humane can be found filling many roles, including: 

  • Leading high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter surgery clinics. LVTs manage surgery flows: inducing, intubating and monitoring 30+ patients and triaging any urgent/emergent issues that arise.  
  • Providing high-quality medical care to hospitalized patients. LVTs provide around-the-clock care for patients ranging from 4-week-old kittens with IV catheters, puppies with parvovirus, cats/dogs with infectious diseases and so much more! 
  • Supporting our team of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (DVMs). In addition to caring for their caseload of patients, our LVTs support our DVMs throughout the day. These support tasks can include sedating patients, taking radiographs, managing appointments, obtaining lab samples and administering treatments.  
  • Educating pet guardians. It goes without saying that LVTs have a special way with animals, but they also have a special way with the people who love them. Their interpersonal skills are essential when advising and educating pet guardians about preventative care and pre- and post-operative instructions.  
  • Providing guidance and leadership to our team of veterinary assistants. Not only are their interpersonal skills helpful when working with community members, they’re also invaluable when communicating with DVMs and veterinary assistants.  

To support the advancement of the profession, we offer tuition reimbursement for staff members enrolled in LVT programs. Three of our current veterinary assistants (Shelley, Reagan and Jessie) are enrolled in programs to pursue veterinary technical licensure.  

For those who already hold licensure, there is no shortage of growth opportunities at Seattle Humane. A handful of our leadership team started their careers in animal welfare as LVTs, including Chief of Community Programs Lisa Drake and Clinic Manager Anna Griffin. 

In addition to the support we provide staff members who wish to pursue veterinary technician licensure, our clinic has served as a learning hub for students enrolled in Pima Medical Institute’s LVT program since 2011. Our facility provides the real-life clinic setting in which Pima faculty guide and mentor future generations of veterinary professionals. Over the last year, we expanded our partnership with Pima to host faculty and students in our clinic for surgical practicum. During this practicum, students spend multiple days in our clinic practicing essential surgical skills, including intubation, aseptically prepping surgical sites, monitoring anesthesia and more.  

Pima Medical Institute LVT students practice surgical techniques with guidance from Pima faculty in Seattle Humane’s veterinary clinic.

We are proud that our current team of LVTs is comprised of 6 Pima graduates! Meet our team of LVTs: 


Mariel has been part of Seattle Humane for an impressive 12 years. She is the go-to person for handling grumpy dogs and cats. Her devotion to animal welfare and compassionate care for animals earned her a WSVMA Humane Animal Welfare Award this year! Learn more about Mariel.


Desiree has been with Seattle Humane for six years. She is a  true leader and manages high-quality, high-volume surgery days with ease. She is known for her dedication to Seattle Humane and passion for shelter medicine. 


Rihana has been with Seattle Humane for three years. She is a patient and knowledgeable mentor to new clinic staff members. Rihana is also a pro at handling cats who would rather be anywhere else but the vet clinic. Learn more about Rihana.


Kristina has 10 years of LVT experience and brings a calm and steady presence to our fast-paced clinic. She is also an excellent trainer for Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine students who spend time in our clinic during their rotations.  


Though she is a new member of our team of LVTs, Jen brings years of dog training/walking experience. While our clinic currently treats cats, dogs and critters, Jen is our go-to for fun facts about reptiles and exotic creatures! 


The newest LVT on our team, Julie is committed to growing in the profession. She’s already a pro at placing IV catheters in our dental patients.  


Anna has 12 years of LVT experience. She has worked in numerous animal shelters ranging from small and rural to large and nationally known operations. Anna is a highly skilled LVT and a compassionate clinic manager. Learn more about Anna.

LVTs are indispensable assets to our veterinary team and integral to the success of Seattle Humane’s mission: promoting the human-animal bond by saving and serving pets in need. We thank them for their dedication to pets and the people who love them.  

Join Our Team 

Seattle Humane welcomes compassionate individuals who are seeking rewarding careers serving pets and people. Explore our current job opportunities or get in touch with our human resources team at jobs@seattlehumane.org.  

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