Seattle Humane Investing in Our People to Better Save and Serve Pets

Seattle Humane has served animals in the region for 125 years thanks to the dedicated and talented people that come to work every day with a collective mission to save and support pets in need. And as we look ahead to our future, we are committed to investing and developing the incredible staff who power Seattle Humane’s lifesaving care.  

“Our work is extremely rewarding but can also be very challenging – physically and emotionally,” said Seattle Humane CEO Christopher Ross, who spearheaded development of the five-year strategic vision shortly after taking the helm in 2021. “Without our people, we can’t fulfill our purpose. Having the best staff will, in turn, provide the best care for pets in need. Our goal is demonstrate that working at a nonprofit—particularly in animal welfare—is a sustainable, viable and livable career choice.”   

Earlier this spring, Seattle Humane rolled out an increase of $22 for entry level positions effective immediately. In addition, a new pet support allowance covering most expenses related to pet ownership, including veterinary care, rental deposits, food costs, pet insurance, and even adoption fees for those wanting to bring home a new family member goes into effect this summer. Staff will also be offered an employer matching retirement fund, effective September 2022, and personal financial counseling provided by fund manager, Trutina. All of these benefits are available for part-time and full-time employees.  

As noted by Ross, working in animal welfare is an incredibly rewarding career, but it can also be physically and emotionally taxing. That is why Seattle Humane is also providing a four-week paid sabbatical to all employees for every four years of service, giving them time to recharge and focus on self-care. This is a groundbreaking offering, particularly for a nonprofit. All staff working 20+ hours can begin taking sabbaticals in 2023. 

“This is only one step in our commitment to continue to live our values as an organization,” Ross said. “We want to ensure the care for our people mirrors the level of care we provide for our animals.”  

Seattle Humane is continuously growing our team to meet the needs of our community of pets and the people who love them. Click here to embark on an exciting career! 

3 thoughts on “Seattle Humane Investing in Our People to Better Save and Serve Pets

  1. Thanks for showing the way! Having purpose is awesome but supported by a people first strategy benefits everyone and every animal. Great work Chris, Libby and the entire team.

  2. Best practices for Seattle Humane, both human and our furry friends 🐾🐾
    Respect of all is humane. Many thanks for upgrading benefits for employees and showing that everyone counts. These are reasons why we will continue to support Seattle Humane. Many thanks for these employee improvements.

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