New Fund Helps Community Pets with Medical Needs

‘Pack Leader’ Polly Still Helping Other Pets

From the moment she entered their lives, Polly’s family knew she was no ordinary dog. The 8-month-old miniature schnauzer had deep, soulful eyes and lashes that stretched past her nose. But nothing could top her inner beauty. Her big heart. Polly always knew when a person or pet needed comfort and love. 

Polly, the little dog whose boundless love inspired creation of Polly’s Pocket Fund.

“Throughout the ups and downs in our lives, Polly was the most wonderful and steady companion. Always knowing how to make us feel better and immediately sensing when not to leave our sides,”  her mom says.  

Over the years, Polly’s family would go on to rescue several other dogs, ranging from shy or sick pups to disabled seniors. Polly welcomed and nurtured each one. She was the pack leader, fiercely protecting her loved ones, both human and animal.

In the summer of 2020, 10-year-old Polly was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Polly died a year after her diagnosis, following an emergency surgery to remove the tumors and six months of chemotherapy. Polly’s parents were still grateful for the extra time they had with her, and the additional memories they made together. 

Turning Heartbreak Into Hope

To honor Polly’s lifetime of love and empathy, her family recently created a new fund at Seattle Humane – the Polly’s Pocket Fund – for families needing help with lifesaving or life-extending treatment for a sick or injured pet. 

It’s already come to the aid of Dozer, an active 6-year-old chocolate lab who chased down a ball one day and came back limping. After taking him to a veterinary clinic, Dozer’s family learned he’d torn a ligament. It was serious enough that he needed surgery. Without it, his days of playing fetch were over.   

Dozer, still recovering from his surgery, will soon be playing ball again, thanks to Polly’s Pocket Fund.

“As a single mom of two, this was a large hit to our finances. The clinic let us know that Seattle Humane might be able to offer some financial assistance,” said Dozer’s mom, Cheryl. “I reached out and they happily helped us. Dozer has had the surgery and is home resting. What an amazing gift they gave us.” 

Complementary to Seattle Humane’s Pet Owner Assistance Fund, which offers help for families with everything from emergency veterinary bills to short-term boarding and pet supplies, Polly’s Pocket Fund is specifically for a pet’s medical needs.  

“I know from my own experience that the cost of a procedure can drastically affect the outcome for the pet and their family who loves them,” said Intake Director Jessica Charlton. “This fund helps families that have already received a diagnosis and know what they need to keep their pet happy and comfortable at home. We have already used Polly’s Pocket Fund to cover a leg amputation, dental surgery, and a urinary blockage surgery.”  

Polly’s family said they’ll always be grateful for the final year they had with Polly after her cancer diagnosis. This fund is a way to both honor Polly and help families in need facing a costly surgery or procedure that could change the life of a cherished pet. To them, every animal helped is another member of “Polly’s Pack.”  

“Our dearest Polly fought long and hard against cancer. She was a warrior. Our hope in creating this fund in Polly’s memory is that it will allow more families to extend the lives of their beloved pets. Love you forever, Polly.”  

If you need assistance or would like to learn more about receiving support from this fund, please contact our Pet Resource Center at (425) 649-7561 or 

Want to help pets in our community through the Polly’s Pocket Fund? Give a special gift here.

One thought on “New Fund Helps Community Pets with Medical Needs

  1. What a wonderful legacy to create in memory of your dog. So many times, families can’t afford the cost of life saving medical care. This allows them to keep their animal with them. Thanks for creating this fund and to SHS for implementing the program.

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