“Working K9 to 5” Helps Employers Create Dog-Friendly Offices

New pilot project from Seattle Humane and

Trupanion offers step-by-step guide

for bringing dogs into the workplace 

As people and businesses start to consider their return to a post-pandemic workplace, there’s one thing they may want to bring with them: their dog. 

After months of intense time together during the pandemic, dog owners are increasingly concerned about their dog’s separation anxiety – and their own – once they return to work or resume travel. And now, thanks to a new joint effort by Seattle Humane and Trupanion, more businesses could welcome dogs as canine coworkers: “Working K9 to 5” is a new, comprehensive step-by-step guide for businesses to create a dog-friendly workplace.       

“If this pandemic has shown us anything, it is the power of animals to help us navigate life’s biggest challenges while also providing us with immeasurable comfort,” said Christopher Ross, CEO of Seattle Humane, one of the Puget Sound’s leaders in animal adoption, education, and welfare. “Scores of people have adopted dogs and cats since the pandemic began, creating an even closer bond between pet owners and their animals. People have spent the last two years working from home, and now that some employers are bringing their staff back into the office, people are looking for ways to bring their dogs with them. We know when people can have their dogs at work, it, decreases separation anxiety and reduces the number of pets who may need to be rehomed,” he added.  

Research suggests that bringing dogs to work can have a positive impact on employee work performance; help attract and retain talent; and improve teamwork and the overall office culture – even for those without dogs.  

“Bringing pets in the workplace has the potential to increase workplace satisfaction and build a more positive work environment for all employees,” said Dusty Bonner, executive vice president of distribution at Trupanion. “As more employers recognize the benefits of having pets in the workplace, it’s important to have the tools and resources available to do so. ‘Working K9 to 5’ provides all the resources employers need to develop a pet-friendly office.”  

Trupanion, the leading provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs, has welcomed dogs (and cats) into their office since the very beginning. With more than two decades of experience creating a safe and productive environment for both employees and pets, Trupanion is recognized as one of the top workplaces that lead the nation in best dog-friendly companies

The new “Working K9 to 5” program offers a turnkey approach, providing clear steps and guidelines for creating a dog-friendly environment at work, including:  

  • Office pet rules and eligibility  
  • Office petiquette – etiquette rules for dogs and their owners 
  • A step-by-step guide to incorporating dogs into the office setting 
  • A sample application for employees and their pets and employee eligibility rules 
  • Guidelines for dispute resolution  
  • Ideas for creating a dog-friendly workspace  
  • Suggestions for managing common areas and shared spaces  
  • Pet vaccination and other preventative health requirements 

“Working K9 to 5 can serve as an integral blueprint for offices looking to welcome dogs as a part of the return-to-work environment,” added Bonner. “This is really about setting everyone up for success – the employees, the employer, and the dogs we love.”  

To learn more about Working K9 to 5, visit: https://www.trupanion.com/working-k9-to-5.   

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About Seattle Humane 
Seattle Humane is celebrating 125 years of proudly promoting the human-animal bond by saving and serving pets in need. We are more than a shelter – Seattle Humane is a community resource center, providing adoption services, a pet food bank and support for pet owners, low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and wellness exams, humane education for all ages and more. All made possible through the support of a generous community. Seattle Humane is located at 13212 SE Eastgate Way in Bellevue. For more information, visit www.seattlehumane.org or call (425) 641-0080.  

About Trupanion 
Trupanion is a leader in medical insurance for cats and dogs throughout the United States, Canada and Australia with over 650,000 pets enrolled. For over two decades, Trupanion has given pet owners peace of mind so they can focus on their pet’s recovery, not financial stress. Trupanion is committed to providing pet owners with the highest value in pet medical insurance with unlimited payouts for the life of their pets. With its patented process, Trupanion is the only provider with the technology to pay veterinarians directly in seconds at the time of checkout. Trupanion is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “TRUP”. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Trupanion policies are issued in the United States by its wholly-owned insurance entity American Pet Insurance Company and, in Canada, by Omega General Insurance Company. Trupanion Australia is a partnership between Trupanion and Hollard Insurance Company. For more information, please visit trupanion.com

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