Meet Tuxes & Tails 2023 Co-Chairs Ambika Singh
and Ann Johnson

Women’s History Month acknowledges the contributions women have made to industries, organizations and movements like animal welfare. Beyond just this month, Seattle Humane is proud to be powered by a highly skilled and compassionate team, comprised of many whom identify as women.  

Strong female leadership is also reflected in the organization’s Tuxes & Tails annual fundraising event co-chairs, Ambika Singh and Ann Johnson. Tuxes & Tails 2023 is centered around funding access to affordable veterinary care, a community need that is personal for lifelong rescue advocates Ambika and Ann. You’re invited to join Ambika and Ann in supporting our Tuxes & Tails 2023 Fund-a-Need campaign with a gift of any size at Thank you! 

Ambika Singh takes her dog Bhima for a stylish stroll.

Ambika Singh is the Founder and Chief Boss Lady of Armoire, a sustainable clothing rental company that offers a thoughtfully curated selection of clothing for all women to take on the day, whether she’s leading a corporation, organization or a family. 

Prior to founding Armoire, Ambika was the second employee at Rover, where she spent years learning about how animals fit into communities, particularly in Seattle. 

“These animals are really a part of who we are as a society,” says Ambika, adding, “Seattle has such a different relationship with their animals, exemplified through how successful we are at finding homes for pets in need.”  

Connecting with Seattle Humane only seemed natural to Ambika. “I love that this town that I grew up in has such a strong relationship with pets,” says Ambika, adding that supporting Seattle Humane “always felt very authentic and natural.” 

Creating access to affordable veterinary care is close to Ambika’s heart. Ambika’s dog Bhima was diagnosed with a life-threatening sarcoma when he was very young. Ambika was left with few treatment options until she was connected to a grant-funded specialty hospital out of state that performed treatment and saved Bhima’s life. Through this experience, Ambika realized how inaccessible high-quality, affordable veterinary care is in Washington.  

“This is why the work Seattle Humane does is so important. The hospital where Bhima was treated is heavily grant funded and well-supported. Without that, Bhima would not have had a chance,” says Ambika, noting that surgery costs through private veterinary practices are often prohibitively expensive. 

In addition to creating access to affordable veterinary care, Ambika is passionate about raising awareness for the many Seattle Humane programs that provide support to pets and their families, both here at the shelter and out in the community.   

“Seattle Humane is a true community organization that helps families in ways that they need most,” says Ambika. “That is such an important part of the work.” 

Ann Johnson

Microsoft corporate vice president and Seattle Humane executive board member Ann Johnson.

Microsoft corporate vice president, Ann Johnson, is a lifelong animal welfare advocate with a soft spot for rescue dogs (she has three of her own, including Seattle Humane alum Mariah).  Ann joined Seattle Humane’s board of directors in 2021, just months after co-chairing the Tuxes & Tails gala that year. 

This year, the Tuxes & Tails 2023 Fund-a-Need centers on supporting new access to affordable veterinary care outside of our Bellevue campus. Ann is passionate about bringing lifesaving pet care to the communities that need it most for pets and the people who love them. 

Ann’s dog, Seattle Humane alumna, Mariah.

“Pets need preventive care to stay healthy, reduce disease and minimize community spread of potentially deadly diseases,” says Ann.  “As we look to improve access to information for pet families, we also have a responsibility to build a safer community for our pets by providing them a wide variety of services that will lead to longer and healthier lives,” she adds.  

“I am really looking forward to the community Tuxes & Tails drives. It is so incredibly powerful to be in a group of peers who are all driving toward a common set of goals and objectives,” says Ann. 

Join Ambika and Ann on May 13 at Magnuson Park Hangar for Tuxes & Tails 2023, a festive and fun evening featuring cuddly pets of all shapes and sizes and be a part of Seattle Humane’s bright future as we expand our programs to support pets and the people who love them.  

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