Top Tips for Back-to-School Fun at Home

Looking for ways to keep learning with Seattle Humane? Here’s some tips our team suggests to beat the back-to-school blues and have fun at home!

Read a great book. We love RedRover’s Recommended Books with Humane Themes for preschool, early elementary, and middle-grade readers. Their page is organized by topic, so you can pick what interests you most.

Play a game together. Check out this printable board game from the Animal Welfare Institute and help a pretend dog or cat get the care they need! There is even a black-and-white version you can color yourself for even more fun.

Make some cool crafts for your furry friends. Ok, so this one starts online. Scroll through our Do-It-Yourself Pet Project Playlist on YouTube and see what your cat, dog, or critter might like! Our shelter pets always enjoy a new hand-made blanket if you would like to make something to donate.

Connect with your community. If your family wants to help animals, sometimes the best place to start is your neighborhood. Post Community Kindness Cards in places people are likely to see and help keep pets with their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine the difference you could make!

Ask your teacher to invite us to class (virtually)! We would love to “zoom in” for a Q&A session and show off some amazing animals, read a story, or play games together. We can also offer animal-themed lessons to fit science and literacy standards. Just ask!

Home or away, we’re here for your questions at [email protected].