Seattle Humane’s Pet Owner Assistance Fund to the Rescue!

Sammy the cat is doing much better since he was able to receive the surgery he needed for his megacolon, which was covered through Seattle Humane’s Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

Seattle Humane steps in to assist pets and their families every day through our state-of-the-art shelter and by working with an amazing team of professional animal lovers across multiple departments and disciplines. When a pet’s needs extend beyond what we can provide on our campus, Seattle Humane is still able to support the human-animal bond through our Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

Seattle Humane’s Pet Owner Assistance Fund, established by generous supporters who believe animal companionship should be accessible to everyone regardless of circumstance, replaces and enhances the intake diversion fund debuted in 2019. This program helps families struggling with high or unexpected costs challenging their ability to keep their pets healthy and safe at home.

There are little to no restrictions on how we can help, but many families who have benefited from the Pet Owner Assistance Fund have used it to cover emergency veterinary bills. The fund has also been used to cover behavioral training, short-term boarding, pet supplies, and motel stays, to name just a few services.

Sammy, a handsome orange tabby cat and Seattle Humane alum, went to see his veterinarian this fall when his health began quickly declining. It was determined that his previously diagnosed megacolon condition required an expensive surgical procedure to correct and save Sammy’s life.

“With everything going on during the 2020 pandemic, I needed help with the cost of this procedure,” Sammy’s mom said. “I reached out to Seattle Humane and was ecstatic to find out there was help for myself and my sweet boy through their Pet Resource Center. After getting financial help, Sammy was able to have the procedure, and I am pleased to say he is healed and playing like a kitten again!

“I am beyond thankful to Seattle Humane and all they do for the animals in our community. Had I not received this gift, I would have been faced with the possibility of having to surrender Sammy to the shelter to save his life. Thank you, Seattle Humane and the Pet Resource Center, for all you have done for animals like Sammy and so many more!”

The Pet Owner Assistance Fund is one of the many designated funds you can donate to during this year’s Giving Tuesday. You to the rescue to save lives, complete families, and keep families together!

Ben, a 5-year-old Seattle Humane alum, and Splotch, a 13-year-old kitty, are proud of their humans for providing the seed money for the new Pet Owner Assistance Fund.

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