Leaving a Legacy: Carol and Eric

Growing up with pets all their lives, Carol Anderson and Eric Botterbusch can’t imagine living in a home without furry companions. Their love for pets inspired their commitment to organizations that promote animal welfare.

Eric Botterbusch and Carol Anderson at Walk for the Animals.
Eric Botterbusch, Carol Anderson, and their adopted rescue pet,
Bella, at Walk for the Animals.

Carol and Eric’s involvement with Seattle Humane first began when they attended “Walk for the Animals” with their adopted rescue dog, Bella. The next year, Bella was the “Top Dog” who led the walk, and the following year Bella strutted her stuff down the runway at Tuxes & Tails.

Then, the couple lost their beloved cat and were ready to find two kittens at Seattle Humane to join their family. They even had names picked out – Raul and Armando. When Carol and Eric became engaged in Mexico — before the days of cell phones and social media — the only people they could share their exciting news with were resort employees Raul and Armando. Carol recalls, “Raul was so excited and told us we should name our first-born after him. Knowing we were unlikely to have children, we decided to name our first adopted cat after him.”

With names for their new kittens, all they had to do was find them!

“The Seattle Humane staff was so great, helpful, and patient because it took us some time to find kittens who fit their names,” Eric said. “We have loved and respected the organization ever since.”

Completing the circle of the adopter-donor journey, Eric and Carol recently completed their estate plan to include a gift to Seattle Humane. They were inspired by our 98.4 percent life-save release rate, believing that every animal is good, loving, and deserving a chance to find their forever home, and appreciated the education and community outreach programs, including the Pet Guardian Program.

“We believe firmly in leaving a legacy,” Eric said. “And while we have many organizations we want to support, we feel that loving pets have made such an impact on our lives that we desire to make that opportunity available to others after we’re gone. We would encourage anyone with the financial ability to do likewise.  It’s a small way to share the unconditional love and companionship that our pets provide.”

Complimentary resources to help plan your legacy of love for the animals can be found here, or contact Scott Fraser, Esq., Seattle Humane’s Major and Planned Giving Director at 425-373-5387 or [email protected]

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