Community Service Activities

Children and youth are some of the greatest supporters of animals and the work we do at Seattle Humane. Fortunately, there are many ways for youth to get involved! Read through the options below and see what inspires you. Download a printable copy here: Community Service Activities.

If you have any questions or other ideas, please let us know! Contact the Education Services team by email at: or phone: (425) 373-5385, option 2

Support Pets in the Community 

Seattle Humane proudly promotes the human-animal bond by saving and serving pets in need. We are more than a shelter – Seattle Humane is a pet resource center, providing adoption services, a pet food bank and support for pet owners, low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and wellness exams, humane education for all ages and more. All made possible through the support of generous community members. 

Community Kindness Cards

If you want to help animals, sometimes the best place to start is your own neighborhood. Post or hand out Community Kindness Cards in places people are likely to see and help keep pets with their families. Imagine the difference you could make! 

View our Kindness Card Guidelines and Template.

Conduct A Pet Food/Supply Drive for the Pet Food Bank

A very helpful way to volunteer is to organize a pet food drive in your neighborhood or school. Donations of pet food, supplies, and toys are always appreciated. Many of these items are distributed through our Pet Food Bank which helps provide nearly 82,000 meals each month and keeps pets with their families.

For May 2024, the Pet Food Bank is most in need of:

  1. Dry dog food
  2. Canned dog food
  3. Puppy pee pads

DIY Enrichment Items for Pets

Fleece or Knit Blankets

All the cats in our care receive a blanket or towel to make their cubby more comfortable. Most of the time, a cat’s special blanket goes home with them when they are adopted to help them feel safe and loved during their transition to their new family. This is a great way to learn a new skill, or practice an old one, and benefit the cats at our shelter. We take blankets of all sizes, but for cats we suggest around 18×20 inches.

For a video and written tutorial on how to make no-sew blankets please visit the following links:

Captivating Catnip Toys for Cats

There are lots of cool ways to make cat toys from recycled or reusable objects. Sometimes, they might even become a cat’s favorite toy! Turn old socks into catnip toys by stuffing them with scrap paper, toilet paper tubes, or anything else crinkly. Don’t forget the most important part, CATNIP! 

Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratchers

Cat scratchers made from boxes and cardboard.

Cats have a natural tendency to scratch items as a way to stretch and trim their nails. Smaller homemade cat scratchers are perfect for our shelter and fit in any cubby or room!

Supplies needed:

  • Box for base (i.e. tissue box, pet food box, shoe box lid, or modify your own.)
  • Boxes and cardboard ready to be recycled
  • Glue (hot glue, liquid glue, or glue sticks all work)
  • Scissors or a box knife for thicker cardboard 
  • Ruler or tape measure and a pen/pencil


Click here to watch an Instruction video

  1. Choose or create a box as the base for your scratcher. Measure the length and height. (The finished scratchers pictured below are 8”x2” and 9”x3”. We prefer smaller scratchers like these at the shelter, but you can create any size scratcher with enough cardboard.)
  2. Using the length and height of your base, measure strips from your spare cardboard and boxes. 
  3. Cut out strips and place them in the base until full. Make sure the corrugated (open and wavy) side of the cardboard is along the length of each strip. 
  4. Glue the sides of the strips together as you put them in the base. Do not glue them to the base quite yet.
  5. When all strips are glued together and dry, flip over your scratcher so the top is flat then glue it to the bottom and sides of your base. 

Dog Tug Toys

Tug toys are great sources of entertainment for most dogs, especially puppies. Try your hand at creating your own! We prefer DIY tug toys made from fleece or jersey knit fabric, but you could make some for your pets at home out of old t-shirts or other fabric! Click here for a braided tug toy video example, a square-knot tug toy video example or written square-knot dog tug toy instructions or instructions for Cobra Stitch dog tug toy. For these toys, it is important that braids and knots be tight without any large gaps.

Ultimate Shredder Tube for Small Animals

This is a great toy for small animals! They can chew it, push it around, and so much more!

Supplies needed:

4 toilet paper tubes, remove any glue/adhesive


  1. Take 3 of the tubes and flatten them lengthwise. Then fold or roll them into thirds.
  2. Insert the rolled tubes into the other tube.
  3. Ta-Da! After donating, we will stuff the holes with treats or pellets to make the perfect critter enrichment toy!

Please do not stuff your toys with food before donating. It is hard for us to store them to keep them fresh. Want to make a pet’s day? Consider donating a special small animal treat along with your tubes. Reach out to the Education team to learn what small animals we are caring for currently and what a special treat may be!

Want to try making other critter toys? Check out instructions on how to make other DIY Toilet Paper Roll Toys for Small Animals