Dog Training

In-person classes are currently suspended.

Please check back in mid-October for new remote-learning opportunities! Email [email protected] with questions or if you’d like to be notified when our new class offerings are posted.

About Our Classes

Our dog training classes utilize positive, dog-friendly methods effective for dogs and puppies of all ages. We focus on good manners in the real world, socialization, and giving you the tools to prevent or address behavior problems.

  • Classes are held on campus at Seattle Humane.
  • See class descriptions below for fees. A free six-week training class is included with each Seattle Humane dog or puppy adoption.
  • Most classes are one-hour weekly sessions for six weeks.
  • Foundation level classes (Puppy Head Start, Puppy Manners 1, Dog Manners 1, and Shy Dog Manners) have a free but mandatory prerequisite class: Dog and Puppy Training 101. This class is also open to the public at no cost (suggested donation: $10)
  • View our program policies.
  • Class descriptions, age ranges, fees, and prerequisites are listed below.
  • Sign up using the provided links in the class descriptions.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] or (425) 373-5385.

Foundation Level Classes

Most dogs and puppies will start here. How to register:

  • Review our dog training program policies.
  • Enroll in Dog and Puppy Training 101.
  • After registration, you’ll be directed back to this page and you can IMMEDIATELY enroll in the class of your choice.
  • Read our class descriptions below. Use your dog’s age on the first day of class to determine which class to join and follow the link to see the schedule and enroll.

Training Classes

Dog & Puppy Training 101

This seminar for humans only will give you a comprehensive look at how dogs learn, how to teach them using positive reinforcement-based training, and the clicker method. You’ll also learn how dogs communicate and how to address common behavior problems. We encourage everyone who will be training the dog to attend. This class is open to the community at no cost.

Fee: none (suggested donation: $10)
Prerequisite: none

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Puppy Head Start

(8-14 weeks old)

Topics covered include house and crate training, puppy nipping, chewing, polite manners, and the prevention of behavior problems. Each class features puppy playtime and thoughtful socialization exercises.

Fee: $204 (or free with Seattle Humane adoption)
Prerequisite: Dog & Puppy Training 101

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Puppy Manners 1

(15-22 weeks old)

Puppy Manners 1 offers basic training and ongoing socialization for puppies, either as a continuation of Puppy Head Start or as puppy’s first class. Topics include puppy behaviors, polite greetings, basic skills, socialization, and off-leash play.

Fee: $204 (or free with Seattle Humane adoption)
Prerequisite: Dog and Puppy Training 101

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Dog Manners 1

(5.5 months & older)

Dog Manners is all about building the dog/handler relationship through training, leadership, and awareness of how dogs communicate. In class, we cover polite greetings, basic skills, and techniques for preventing unwanted behavior.

Fee: $204 (or free with Seattle Humane adoption)
Prerequisite: Dog & Puppy Training 101

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Shy Dog Manners

(5.5 months & older)

Shy Dog Manners covers basic manners in a setting designed for dogs who are fearful of new people, dogs, and/or certain environments. We will also teach you some skills to help your dog feel more confident and relaxed. It's a safe space for your dog to learn at their own pace.

Fee: $225 (or free with Seattle Humane adoption)
Prerequisite: Dog & Puppy Training 101

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Dog Manners 2

(7 months & older)

Take it to the next level! This class will focus on working on increasing your dog’s reliability around distractions as well as improving responsiveness from a distance and for longer durations. You’ll both learn some new skills, too!

Fee: $204 (or free with Seattle Humane adoption)
Prerequisite: Dog Manners 1 or instructor permission

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Classes for Reactive Dogs

We offer two classes to help improve the behavior of dogs who are reactive (lunging, barking, growling) toward other dogs when on a leash. Learn calming techniques, how to manage your dog when on-leash around other dogs, and how to teach your dog to react more appropriately when he sees another dog.

Prerequisite: Dog and Puppy Training 101 and Instructor Permission.

More information

Dogs at Play

Dogs at Play is a fascinating look into canine behavior, greetings, play, and dog park safety and etiquette. If you've ever had questions about your dog's greetings, interactions, play with other dogs, or simply wonder what your dog is really trying to tell you, this class is for you! This 90-minute presentation is full of pictures, videos, and helpful information for all dog owners, whether you are new to dog ownership or a veteran. Feel free to bring the whole family; time for Q&A is included.

Fee: individual $20, couple/family $30
Prerequisite: none

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