Adoption Update: Remy (FKA: Duke)

We adopted our dog, Remy (formerly Duke), from Seattle Humane in 2019. The beginning was definitely a learning experience, but now could not imagine our lives any other way! Remy deals with reactivity, but has come so far over the past four years. The Reactive Rover class at Seattle Humane gave us the tools we needed to start our training journey. While the training never ends, he has made amazing strides. He will forever be an only pet, but he is content with that (and so are we). Remy has taught us so much about how to be better dog owners, and about dog behavior and training. Remy is a sweet, cuddly, happy, sun loving dog. He will find any soft surface, patch of sunlight, or dog bed shaped item and make it his own. He loves to shred his toys, play “fetch,” beg for belly rubs, and constantly makes us laugh with his excited sneezes. Seattle Humane gave us the best doggy pal we could ask for, and the tools we needed to teach him how to put his best paw forward!

-Devon B.

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