A Lifetime Commitment to Dogs

Nate King

We caught up with board member Nate King on a sunny Seattle afternoon where he was, unsurprisingly, outside playing fetch with his pups, Winston, Mali and Louie. The rest of his afternoon plans were to take a leisurely walk with his wife and newborn daughter, and then a run with the younger dogs.

Nate, who grew up not far from Seattle Humane, has been surrounded by pets his entire life. “I don’t know how much of it’s nature versus nurture, but I think it’s got to be partly genetic, because both of my parents were huge animal lovers and I was raised to care for animals from a very young age. Mostly dogs but also cats as well as little critters like guinea pigs and bunnies,” he remembered.

It was a pit bull named Lola that joined the family when he was 14 that not only gave him an appreciation for the breed but also strengthened his love of dogs and dog training.

“I had her for 13 years and I learned a lot. Those years deepened my bond and love for animals and taught me the responsibility that comes with pet ownership,” he commented.

Nate on his wedding day with pups Louie, Mali and Winston

Nate is currently a principal on the Investor Relations team at Amazon. Amazon’s culture of bringing your dogs to work is a huge benefit for him. He frequently brings his dogs to the office and uses the busy South Lake Union environment as a training ground during their lunchtime walks.

Nate’s history with Seattle Humane goes back to 2014, when he joined the finance committee. That role gave him the opportunity to help with the organization’s finances, but he wanted to contribute more and in other ways.

He joined the board in June 2023 and is now part of the Strategic Planning Committee. Being on the board has provided Nate with the opportunity to get involved with a “different lens.” He wants to leverage his time on the board to spread the word around Seattle Humane’s resources beyond adoption.

“I think that Seattle Humane is going to be a key resource for the community for pet ownership, not just adoption, and that is something I want to help drive,” he said.

One area that he is particularly passionate about is keeping pets out of shelters. For Nate, providing access to training is central to addressing this issue.

“Dog training is something that’s definitely needed in the community and, in particular, making it accessible to those who need it the most. If you have a pet that’s challenging, the answer isn’t just to get rid of them or take them to the shelter,” he said.

Currently, Nate is enjoying a month off work, so he can spend time with his wife and his “first human baby,” as well as his canine family members. They recently purchased a home in Everett, and he’s added gardening to his list of hobbies. 

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