Jeff Betts

Jeff with his cat Vader.

With his background in professional soccer, Jeff Betts has a passion for teamwork. Prior to joining Seattle Humane’s board of directors, he recognized the strength of the organization’s team of staff and volunteers, driving their vision for the future of animal welfare forward. 

“I’m excited to be able to work alongside this group of amazing board members, organizational leadership, staff and our incredible army of volunteers,” Jeff says. “In making a positive impact for animals and people in our community, I feel really humbled and fortunate to be a part of this.” 

Though Jeff is a lifelong animal lover, a bully named Reggie and a stray mutt named Phil were the catalysts for Jeff’s involvement in the animal welfare movement.  

Reggie was the first pet Jeff adopted from an overcrowded shelter after he graduated college. “She changed my life in so many positive ways,” Jeff says. “She was such a sweet dog, a sweet soul. I really think she picked me.” 

Phil was a stray dog Jeff and Reggie discovered when they lived in Kansas City. With patience and persistence, they eventually gained Phil’s trust and welcomed him into their family. “I’ve always loved animals, but that really cemented it for me,” he said. “Reggie and Phil were quite the pair.” 

Jeff is especially passionate about improving access to adoptable pets, given his experience as Reggie and Phil’s person. He is focused on making sure that animals are well cared for and that when people are looking to adopt, they can find an animal for their family and be prepared for what’s to come.  

Jeff’s wife, Julie, is a certified dog trainer, so it’s no surprise they are also committed to ensuring post-adoption support is readily available to help families and their new pets thrive at home.  

“I get to hear stories all the time about how animals are a product of the people who care for them,” explains Jeff. “It is really important to go beyond saying it’s going to take time, but rather, here are some steps to help you and your pet have a better experience.” 

As a member of Seattle Humane’s board of directors, Jeff is already starting to create more awareness within his personal community about the organization and its mission. He feels that if even one more pet gets adopted because he’s on the board, it’s worth it.  

Jeff brings passion and significant business development experience to his role as a member of Seattle Humane’s board of directors. Beyond his contributions to the organization, Jeff is the head of business development at Spur Reply, a local go-to-market consulting firm. Soccer and animals are still major parts of Jeff’s life as he serves on the board of a local soccer club, coaches his daughter’s team, and enjoys time with his wife Julie, his three children, and their pets: two dogs, three cats and one bunny. 

Jeff and his wife, Julie, are joined by their two mastiffs, Dakota and Georgia.

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