Generations of Support for Seattle Humane

I first learned about Seattle Humane when I was a child. My grandma lived in Eastgate and was an early volunteer and adopter. This was when it was newly converted from the vet clinic to a shelter. I remember going with her one time and seeing the tags on the dogs cages that showed how much time they had if no one adopted them. It made me incredibly sad. 

My grandma adopted a little mixed dog she named Pepper that we all loved and a few cats during that time. My next experience was when my Mom started volunteering with Seattle Humane with the dog training program.

My volunteer experience started about nine years ago. I needed a cat and came to the shelter and adopted two. I saw the volunteers and realized I really wanted to do that. I went to the orientation and found out about all the programs and then we were able to choose. I had gone there intending on volunteering with dogs, but after seeing everyone lining up for dogs and not so many for cats, I changed my mind and have not looked back.

Since my time there I have done so many things and enjoyed every single one.
I got to sign the big beam in the new building and I have brick in the front entrance. I have adopted other animals from Seattle Humane and a few other places as well. I now have four cats, two dogs and two guinea pigs to keep me busy at home. 

When I first started, I volunteered in the old building and worked in the post-surgery room caring for the cats. In the new building I have worked in pretty much every cat room, isolation, the MaxMobile, done dishes, laundry, helped with and attended the auction several times, helped at a few offsite events, done a little gardening and fostered cats and even guinea pigs and baby rabbits. I serve as a cat lead right now and enjoy sharing my love and knowledge. It has been a wonderful opportunity to serve and I look forward to many more years!


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