Diabetic Senior Cat Gets New Lease on Life

Seattle Humane gave me my fur baby Lulu. She was the longest standing resident at the time and was clearly loved by all the staff and volunteers. She was 11 when I adopted her and diabetic. I had never had a diabetic cat before, so I was nervous about giving her insulin every 12 hours for the rest of her life. 

The staff at Seattle Humane were so kind and caring through every step of the way. They helped me practice the steps of giving her insulin, educated me on everything I would need to know, and never pressured me to make any sort of decision. 

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Seattle Humane. I even gained enough confidence to take in another senior diabetic cat when the opportunity unexpectedly came up, which led to Lulu and Tyrus becoming best friends. 

I am happy to report Lulu is thriving more and more each day. Her blood glucose has been stable for over a year now, she loves being pet and kissed on her forehead, and she loves laying on laps and relaxing. She may be 15 but you would never know it. Thank you Seattle Humane!! I am so grateful for all your support, kindness and for giving me my Queen Lu.


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