Adoption Update: Karma

We adopted Karma (formerly known as Beauty) from Seattle Humane on October 12, 2013. She was a pregnant stray transferred from the Yakima Humane Society. She was very timid and was very fearful of everything. She wouldn’t let anybody but my husband and I touch her. She was terrified to go out into the yard and didn’t seem to know what everyday things were such as leaves, wind blowing on her etc. 

When we first started taking her for walks, she skulked along behind us, cringing and hunkering down whenever a car passed. She also didn’t know how to drink out of a bowl so she must have had a water bottle in her past life. 

It only took her a few weeks to get used to the yard and now she owns it, chasing off any squirrels or birds that have the nerve to enter her space. She learned to love walks and loves to go on hikes.

It turned out she has an adventurous spirit and wants to hurry us along to see what’s around the next corner if the trail is one she hasn’t been on before. She will let people pet her now though it still takes her some time to warm up to new people. She is very spoiled and brings us a tremendous amount of joy, happiness and laughter every day. We are so lucky to have her.


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