A SPOT of Good News for Struggling Pet Owners

Sammy needed a place to rest and relax while his family completed a necessary move. Through the SPOT program, Sammy was able to stay in a foster home while he waited for his family to return.

Seattle Humane is constantly developing new programs and expanding existing services to help pet owners keep their families together in the face of adversity. Just one emergency life situation can put a family in the difficult position of having to decide whether they should surrender a pet. 

“In the Pet Resource Center, we commonly encounter wonderfully loving owners who want to keep their pet, but a temporary situation has placed them in the tough position of not being able to care for their pet,” said Lead Intake Associate Leah Johnson. “Often, these issues have solutions that the owner is working on, but simply needs more time to accommodate.”

Seattle Humane launched its SPOT program to do just that.

SPOT – Supporting Pet Owners in Transition – is a growing program that provides pet owners with shelter for their furry family members until they are in a better place to care for them again. This can apply to pet owners who are facing eviction, homelessness, hospitalization, or other major transitions in life that benefit from extra support.

Steven contacted the Pet Resource Center a few months ago, because he needed to find a place where his 19-year-old cat, Sammy, could stay while his family transitioned into a new home. Seattle Humane found Sammy a foster family within its network of dedicated volunteers, where this senior kitty enjoyed an extended sleepover until his family’s return.

“This was at the critical time during our move and lives, which really helped our family,” Steven said. “My daughter is ecstatic to have Sammy back, and that would not have happened without your help and your new program. We honestly can’t thank you enough.”

If you or someone you know needs to find temporary shelter for their pets, contact Seattle Humane’s Pet Resource Center at 425-649-7561 or email Spot@seattlehumane.org.

3 thoughts on “A SPOT of Good News for Struggling Pet Owners

  1. I was so excited to see my guest foster Sammy and to hear his family was so excited to have him back. I miss him as he was my office buddy. Happy to have helped out his family.

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