Reflections from Seattle Humane

Seattle Humane is changing, and our windows reflect that change for all to see. The surge in the Black Lives Matter movement over the senseless killing of George Floyd one month ago prompted us to begin internal discussions about what kind of culture we’ve built here over more than a century.

We have gained greater insight into what we need to address within our organization to be a stronger, more diverse and welcoming part of the community at large. While Seattle Humane evolves to better reflect our community and its priorities, we believe in being transparent about what this journey looks like.

While we are now celebrating Pride Weekend, soon our windows will change again. We can tell you a lot about how to care for a pet, but when it comes to understanding how to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture at Seattle Humane, our team believes we first must listen: Listen to experts. Listen to those with lived experience. Listen to those so marginalized by society that they are now screaming out to be heard. Listen to those we serve and those that need our help most but haven’t yet found it.

As the window displays change, so too must we. It is what our amazing team, volunteers, donors and clients expect of us, and it’s what we expect of ourselves.

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