Resources for Learning at Home

Have an animal-lover at home eager to stay busy and continue learning?

Here’s a list of our Education Team’s favorite interactive games, lesson plans, activity sheets and more. Have questions or want more? Send us an email at [email protected]. We are here to help!

Case of the Sick Puppy Game and lessons by HEART (Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers):

We highly recommend this interactive mystery game for 3rd-6th grade students. During the game, kids take on the role of two junior investigators and their dog as they solve the mystery of a sick puppy who was bought online. This game discusses topics such as animal behavior and needs, where companion animals come from, and draws attention to the puppy mill breeding industry. Throughout this game, kids not only learn more about animal welfare, but also work on their reading skills, foster empathy and compassion, improve their critical thinking skills, and learn ways to take action in their own lives.

Educator Resource:

Want to learn more about the game and the topics it covers? Take a look at HEART’s Introduction Lesson to explore vocabulary covered during the game and suggested discussion questions. Scene-by-Scene Guide: A great guide that previews each scene of the game. Want more? Check out additional free resources and lessons from HEART, here:

Empathy-building lessons and activities from RedRover:

Build reading comprehension and critical thinking skills while examining how animals think and feel. Activities, videos, and book recommendations are suitable for a variety of ages.

Activity sheets and Lesson by ASPCA:

Does your child or student want to learn more about animal shelters and the type of work we do at Seattle Humane? Check out these four activity sheets for grades K-8 and learn about the animals and communities animal shelters serve all around the United States.

Animal-themed lessons and handouts by the Humane Society of Missouri:

Six different units of animal-themed curriculum with free downloadable activities and worksheets. Ideal for students in grades K-6, each unit is divided into five lessons for a full week of learning.

Downloadable activity books and worksheets from Lakes Animal Friendship Society:

Lesson plans and activity sheets by American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA):

These 12 activity sheets are geared towards 1st-4th graders and focus on pet needs, animal safety, and how veterinarians care for animals.

Middle School/High School biology lesson and online resources by NOVA:

Explore the story of domestic dogs and how they came to be one of the most genetically diverse species on earth. Through activities and videos, learn or review biology topics including genetics and evolution by tracking our canine companions throughout time.

Online exploration through the San Diego Zoo’s Kids webpage:

A great website for kids (and adults, if you need a brain break) to learn about wild animals and the world around them through facts, videos, stories, coloring and crafts, online games, and more!

Animal enrichment crafts and more from the team here at Seattle Humane:

Try your hand at making a blanket for a cat or a tug toy for a dog! Practice every-day skills like measuring, cutting, and hunting for the best bargains on supplies. This is a living document, so keep checking back for new ideas!

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