6 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Warm up during this winter freeze with extra love

Brrr…it’s cold out there! Warm your heart and home by showing your furry housemates just how much you love them. With their overflowing affection and snuggles, pets make the best Valentines. Who deserves to be spoiled more than our devoted furry companions? Here are six ways to keep your pets’ precious paws away from hazards and treat them to something special this Valentine’s Day.

Purchase or prepare a special treat: Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bring home something delicious for your pet to keep them occupied while you enjoy your own Valentine’s Day indulgences. You can stop by your favorite pet store or visit our friends at “The Mudlet” in our adoption lobby. They’d love to help you pick out the perfect treat! Or if you prefer the DIY route, you can get creative in the kitchen with one of these pupcake recipes.

Write a permanent Valentine by ordering a brick or paver: Set your love in stone by purchasing a brick or paver for that special pet or a pet lover in your life. Bricks and pavers are customizable with a message of love and placed on the Walk of Fame located outside of our Adoption Lobby. The next installation will take place in fall of 2019. If you’d like to recognize your pet’s love with a heartfelt tribute, visit this page to learn more.  

Don’t have a Valentine? ADOPT.  What better way to find your Valentine than adopting a shelter pet? We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with $25 off all adoption fees from Feb. 14-17. Don’t resist those puppy dog eyes – there are no betrayals here!

Avoid these Valentine’s heartbreakers:

Chocolate and alcohol: Valentine’s Day and chocolate belong together, but for humans only! Chocolate or artificial sweeteners containing xylitol can be fatal for pets. If ingested, chocolate will affect gastrointestinal, neurological and cardiac function which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures and an elevated heart rate. It’s a completely normal time to break out a little wine or bubbly, but be extra cautious your pets do not lick any spills. Due to their smaller size, alcohol can cause a lot of harm or potentially respiratory failure if enough is ingested.    

Candles and decorations: While candles are perfect to create a romantic atmosphere, they can be disastrous if they are knocked over. Keep candles out of reach of your pets so they do not bump into them or burn themselves! Also keep an eye out for your pets around any tempting bows, ribbons, cellophane or balloons that they can choke on.

Don’t smell the flowers: Take special care to remove lilies or other harmful flowers from your bouquet. Lilies are toxic for cats. Check out this list of what should and shouldn’t be in your bouquets for the safety of your pets.

Lastly, spread the love and SHARE your pet on social media! Be sure to tag #SeattleHumane so we can see it and double tap for more!

Have a happy and pet-safe Valentine’s Day!

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