7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a time of excitement for kids and families alike. But don’t forget your furry animals in the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treating! Here are 7 pet tips to keep your furry babies safe, happy, and calm during your festivities:


1. Separate Trick-or-Treaters and Pets.

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Unless your furry friend is social and used to greeting or accompanying trick-or-treaters, most pets must be confined in a separate room during festivities. This will provide skittish animals a sanctuary away from the commotion. Reserving a special space for your pets will also guard against pet loss during busy times.


2. Keep Collars and ID Tags on Your Pets.

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Even at home, pets can dart out the door if stressed. Keeping collars and ID tags on your pets will greatly increase the chances of a successful reunion. If your pet has a microchip, be sure to update your information online.


3. Sorry Fido, No Halloween Treats for You.

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Your Halloween bucket is more trick than treat to your furry family members. Candy can cause serious digestive issues and chocolate can be fatal to animals. Even candy wrappers can be a choking and digestive threat! So be sure to keep all candy out of your pet’s reach.


4. Blow Those Candles Out!

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Who doesn’t love a cool jack-o-lantern? For many families, ghoulish candle-lit pumpkins are a no-compromise on Halloween. But be careful, never leave pets around open flames! Curious and playful pets could hurt and burn themselves on candle flames. Even if your candles are confined in a jack-o-lantern, never leave animals unattended with a lit pumpkin.

For a low-stress and minimally supervised Halloween, try out flame-less tea candles!


5. Do Not Leave Your Pets Outside.

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Depending on your neighborhood, Halloween festivities can get boisterious. Keep your pets calm by bringing them inside before the festivities begin. The noise, commotion, and costumes are enough to cause serious stress in sensitive and easily-spooked pets. Do not leave pets unsupervised in your yard during the festivities – this is a recipe for lost and unhappy pets.


6. To Costume, Or Not To Costume?

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While we all love a dressed up pet, consider a costume for your pet only if you know he/she tolerates it well. Make sure the costume isn’t annoying, unsafe, or restrictive. Your pet should never have his or her movement, breathing, barking, hearing, or vision restricted or blocked by clothing. Also avoid costumes will small or dangling accessories, as these can be serious choking hazards.


7. Know Your Emergency Procedures.

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In case your furry burglar breaks into a bag of chocolate or xylitol-sweetened candy. Know the nearest all-hours emergency animal hospital.

Contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435 for immediate help.



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