Hurricane Pets: Where are they now?

Hurricanes strike far from the West Coast, but in the animal welfare community, the effects are felt everywhere. Seattle Humane remains a dedicated player in national recovery efforts. By October of 2017, Seattle Humane took in hundreds of pets in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Thanks to your generosity, all of these pets received the transport and care they needed to be adopted.

It has been one year since we began animal transfers from hurricane-impacted regions.

Take a look at the pets you helped save:


Henry, a 2-year-old Terrier mix, came to Seattle Humane on Aug. 30, 2017. He was known in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas as “Gary,” an affectionate people-pleaser whom everyone adored. His fun personality charmed our staff and volunteers as well as his new family. Here’s the moment they decided to sign Henry’s adoption paperwork and make it official!

Henry was on the first rescue flight from Texas to Seattle following Hurricane Harvey. He was the second one of these pets adopted at Seattle Humane on Sept. 1, 2017.



Ziva, a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, was on the first transfer flight to Seattle following Hurricane Harvey. She arrived at Seattle Humane on Aug. 30, 2018, just days after the storm blew through Texas.

This photo was taken of Ziva on her first night at Seattle Humane following Hurricane Harvey.

During her first few days at Seattle Humane, Ziva received her veterinary check, behavior evaluation and received plenty of TLC from our staff and volunteers to prepare her for adoption. She was stressed and shy when she first arrived, so we worked as quickly as possible to get her into a home where she could relax and learn to love. Sept. 2, 2017 was “gotcha day” for Ziva, and we have to say, she’s looking pretty happy with her new family!

Ziva looks perfectly in her element in the Pacific Northwest.



Penguino and Orbit were among 154 homeless pets transferred from Puerto Rico to Seattle Humane in October 2017. It was around this time that Kim Gordy decided she wanted to add to her family. She visited her two kittens-to-be when they were in foster care. When Kim learned they were from Puerto Rico, she knew she had to give them a home. She had recently relocated from Houston to Seattle, and understood first-hand the devastation hurricanes can leave behind and wanted to help in any way she could.

Penguino and Orbit were rescued from Hurricane Maria and transferred to Seattle Humane on Oct. 29, 2017.
These two snuggly siblings are now happy, healthy, and have a large Instagram following.

Unfortunately, disaster relief is not a “one-and-done” deal; the adoptions are uplifting but the storms will keep coming. We need you. Our Life-Saver Rescue Program is prepared to take in animals impacted by Hurricane Florence. Meet Shine and Moe, two of our first transfers from the Florence-impacted region. They arrived at Seattle Humane on Oct. 5 and Moe is already adopted! Shine will soon be available for adoption.

Shine is a 3-year-old black and white Hound mix from Camden, South Carolina.
Moe is a 1-year-old Hound mix from Camden, South Carolina.  

These two affectionate hounds were awaiting adoption in South Carolina prior to Hurricane Florence. We are working to take in pets who were already homeless before the hurricane. Moving pets like Moe and Shine to shelters where they can be adopted opens up space for displaced animals and gives separated families their best chance to be reunited.

There are many more pets we can transfer to Seattle Humane, but we can only commit to the number of pets that we have resources for.

Can you help provide a safety net for animals affected by a natural disaster? Consider making a donation here. You can designate your gift to the Life-Saver Rescue Program to transfer pets to Seattle Humane for care and adoption services. Unspecified gifts will be used where they are needed most at the time they are received.

See new pet arrivals on our website and Facebook page.

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  1. Hello! My family adopted a dog named Harvey (now Austin) a couple years ago. He was a hurricane Harvey rescue dog. I have been trying to track down pictures of him from when he was a baby just to see how cute he was. If you have any info or pictures please let me know!

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