Pet Tips for a Safe and Fun Super Bowl!

10915204_10153042143252002_3696256560600945908_nAs we all get excited for the big game this weekend, we also need to remember our pet’s needs. This weekend is all about delicious finger foods, screaming fans and football! But, while you’re shrieking at the TV and jumping around like you’ve never seen a football game before in your life, your poor, confused pets will be taking the brunt of your excitement. Below are some tips on how to have a safe and fun Super Bowl for you and your furry friends!

  • Don’t forget your pet’s needs. Just because the biggest game is on TV doesn’t mean you can forgo your pet’s bathroom breaks and social needs. Record the commercials and save them for later while you give your pooch some much needed attention!
  • Keep the wings away. Although you might think sharing a bone with your dog might be nice, it can be very dangerous for them. Not only can it make their stomach upset due to all the fat and grease, but the bones can cause them to choke. If you really want to treat your pet, make some homemade doggy biscuits or stuff a Kong toy to keep them entertained and happily fed.
  • Create a quiet space. All the yelling and cheering can not only spook some of us humans, but also our pets. Create a nice quiet space where you pet can escape the loud noises and be able to relax in the peace and quiet. You might even consider putting them in another room with some fresh water and turning on some relaxing background noise.
  • Watch where you put your food. Having things out on the coffee table can make it really easy for pets to access. It might be convenient, but the greasy and salty foods shared at parties aren’t all that great for our pets. Try to keep things up on higher counters away from the reach of your pets.
  • Keep things tidy. Don’t leave cups or dishes around. Our pets love to get into food and beer when it’s left out.
  • Put your friend’s shoes away. Just in case, you don’t want your dog munching on someone’s shoe and have them be destroyed! Put the shoes in a closet or a place where your pets won’t be able to get them.


Enjoy the game, and GO HAWKS!

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