Black Cats are the BEST!

Trenton is a 6-year-old sweetheart ready to be your new best friend!
Trenton was adopted Nov. 3, 2014!

The day for dressing up and trick-or-treating has finally arrived! Today is a day for our two-legged friends to go out in costume and enjoy a bunch of candy, but this day tends to bring on some bad and not so true reputations about our four-legged furry friends!

Black cats tend to have a bad reputation especially around Halloween time. But in reality, they’re beautiful furry friends who deserve just as much love and attention as any other pet. The fact is that black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. We want to make sure you know the true facts about black cats, and crush all the myths you may have heard over the years!

Myth 1: Black Cats Are Bad Luck

People tend to associate black cats with bad luck, but this is not true at all. These sweet felines have been given an unfair reputation and many people still do believe the hype. This is a myth that dates back to the Middle Ages when black cats were associated with witchcraft. Many cultures actually worship the black cat, and in some countries they are considered to be good luck. They are not scary, and they are not bad luck. The only scary thing is that these precious fur babies have the hardest time getting placed into loving homes.

Myth 2: Black Cats Are Evil

Cats in general are very playful and love to jump and climb on things. They also have a stealth mode and can follow you around being very sneaky without you even noticing they are there! This is something that all cats do; it’s not just a characteristic of black cats. All cats enjoy being playful and sneaky, it doesn’t make them evil!

Some fun facts about black cats!

Adopted Oct. 2014!
Bear, adopted Oct. 2014!
  • Lots of famous cats have been black like Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Winky in Escape to Witch Mountain, Isis in Star Trek, the nameless black cat from Coraline, Binx in Hocus Pocus Felix the cat and Sylvester!
  • Black cats are elegant! They are always ready for a black tie event.
  • They look great in photos
  • In many countries, they are considered to be lucky. For example in England black cats are considered good luck to give a bride on her wedding day. In Japan, black cats are thought to attract suitors to single women. Also, according to Scottish lore, a black cat appearing at your home can lead to great wealth! You can say your cat is a mini panther – how cool!
  • Black cats are very stylish, they go with every outfit
  • If you’re looking to slim down, add a black cat to your life and enhance the slimming effect!
  • They’re just like any other cat. They are loving, sweet and great cuddle buddies
  • Black cats are usually the last to be adopted so they need your help and love!


Adopt this sweet girl Mazey, she's 2-years-old and ready to snuggle up next to you!
Mazey, adopted Nov. 1, 2014!

Black cats have an odd stigma, but they truly are just as loveable and adoptable as any other feline! Help us turn their luck around by adopting a black cat this weekend!

All weekend long, the fees on black kittens and cats have been waived! Join us in helping these furry friends find a home of their own. Also, there will be cat and dog treats available – and human treats, too! Check out our website to see all of our adoptable, available pets!

Learn more about myth busting facts on adopting black cats around Halloween time here! Adopt and save a life today.

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