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About Us - History & Philosophy

Mission Statement 

Seattle Humane promotes the human-animal bond by saving and serving pets in need, regardless of age, ability, circumstance or geography. Our community expects all adoptable animals to be humanely cared for and placed into loving homes, and keeping pets with families avoids pet homelessness. We get them here, get them healthy and happy, and get them home.


Over a Century of Caring

Founded in 1897, Seattle Humane was the first humane organization to serve King County. Originally devoted to animal issues involving stockyards and slaughterhouses, Seattle Humane later provided animal control services, picking up lost and/or stray animals. In 1972, the City of Seattle and King County established their own animal control divisions, and Seattle Humane moved to Bellevue as a private nonprofit dedicated to bringing people and pets together. True to our mission, we offer pet adoption, humane education, on-campus dog training, a Pet Food Bank, and spay/neuter services to low-income pet owners. Through our outreach, advocacy, and services, we strive to ensure that animal companionship is accessible to all.


Care We Provide

Shelter guests are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated,
examined by one of our staff veterinarians, and temperament tested prior
to being made available for adoption.

Pets with conditions that we can treat receive the care they need.
Treatments can range from repairing broken legs; performing amputations;
eye removal; care for sore ears, skin conditions and wounds; and
treatment for kennel cough and upper respiratory infections in cats. At
many shelters, animals requiring special care are put to death, but
through the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide life-saving
care to give hundreds of animals a new chance at life.

In the case of animals who have terminal medical conditions or for
animals who present a public safety risk, our trained professional staff
humanely euthanizes those animals.


Admitting and Rescuing Pets

Seattle Humane accepts any owner surrendered animals
utilizing intake appointments to allow our staff and volunteers to
collect as much information as possible about the incoming pet. The
appointments are scheduled on a first-call basis and are not based on
the age or desirability of the animal. In the case of an emergency,
animals will be admitted immediately.

Seattle Humane houses stray animals for the city of Renton.
At the end of the stray period, the animals are spayed or neutered and
micro-chipped and made available for adoption.


What Sets Seattle Humane Apart

  • We are an independent, nonprofit organization. We are not affiliated with city or county animal shelters or with any other humane society locally or nationally.
  • We save more than 7,000 animals a year. With no time limits.
  • We achieved a 97.77 percent Live Save Rate in FY 2014-15, one of the highest in the nation.
  • 80 cents of every dollar donated benefits the animals. Your donation goes directly to
    the care of homeless pets.
  • Seattle Humane has been ranked among the top charities in the country for five years in a row.
  • 80% of our budget comes from donations. We receive no local, state or federal funding.

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