Does the thought of Valentine’s Day get you down in the dumps? Are you looking for closure because your ex lacks? Or is your love life on a roll, and you plan on being the first in line on the big day to buy roses because your boo’s the poo?

Whether you think love is rosey or a stinky social construct, Seattle Humane has an unforgettable opportunity for you to commemorate your relationship status (whatever it may be) this Feb. 14th  in our cheeky holiday event, “Valenturd’s Day: A Crappy Celebration.”

This Friday, you can either proclaim your love by affectionately honoring the lil’ stinkers in your life – OR – give love a smelly sendoff by flushing that turd of an ex from your memory by selecting one of our three di-stink-tly unique gift cat-egories.

Doodie Calls — $1 suggested donation

The name of your choice will be written on one of the poo bags used to clean up after our adoptable dogs on their walks.


Turds of Endearment — $5 suggested donation

We’ll name one of our animals' deposits after the "turd" in your life, and you can tune in for a live-streamed send-off ceremony to watch it get the flush — literally — at 10:30 a.m. on Facebook Live and 2:30 p.m. on Instagram.

I Loaf You — $25 suggested donation

The name of your person will prominently decorate the side of one of our litter boxes for the gift that keeps on giving.

Valenturd’s Day: A Crappy Celebration is our answer to the question: What do you do when your Number One ends up being a Number Two? As all donations go to benefit our homeless animals and our mission of saving lives and completing families, we’re willing to bet that the beneficiary — whether they be an ex or your main squeeze — won’t mind a little potty humor flung their way for a good cause.

So, if you find yourself in a pinch this Friday, consider yourself covered, as this is one Valentine’s Day celebration you don’t want to miss, unless you want to be a party pooper. (Sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves.)


  • All submissions should be first names only.
  • No paw-litics allowed.
  • Seattle Humane reserves full rights over which names will be read during Friday’s ceremonial flushing event.