Meet Abba

Animal ID 43955140
Species Dog
Looks like Terrier, Pit Bull, Mix
Age 6 years, 6 months
Gender Female
Size L
Color White
Location Foster

What my friends at Seattle Humane say about me:
· I am very affectionate and am a great cuddler!
· I love my stuffies!
· I love to relax and sleep – I sometimes even snore!
· I am very well behaved during my weekly baths!
· I am fully house-trained and do very well on car trips.
· I am really treat-motivated and love to learn new things! I already know 'sit' and 'wait' and am working on 'down' and 'find-it'.
· I've made a lot of progress in my foster home about my fears and stressors!
· Fear/Anxiety/Stress: I can be worried about new people, slippery floors, and confined spaces.
· Animal Interactions: I have displayed behaviors toward other animals that will require additional caution and good management.
· I would like to visit a Fear-Free veterinarian.
· If interested in adopting me, you will be able to book a phone consult with one of our veterinarians to explain my medical conditions in greater detail.
· I am available for Foster-to-Adopt!*

The type of home I'm looking for:
· I need to be the only pet in the home.
· My fear and anxiety of confined spaces make it difficult for me to live in places like apartment buildings where I don't have direct access to the outdoors.
· Due to my anxiety, I need to live in a low dog-density area or have a yard that I don't have to share with other dogs.
· Due to my anxiety, a home with children isn't the best fit for me. (Teens and above recommended)

Health and Behavior:
· Obesity (on diet and losing weight in foster home)
· Allergy (successfully being managed with weekly medicated baths)
· Chronic Otitis (successfully being managed with weekly ear cleaning)
· Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia
· Benign mass
· Stress (confined spaces – no apartments)

*Interested in taking me home for a trial period? Please speak with our adoption advisors about how to start the required adoption trial period through our Foster-to-Adopt program!